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How to Hire the Right Copywriter for Your Blog

How to Hire the Right Copywriter for Your Blog

Many business owners may feel tempted to write their own business blog. And, while some business leaders have the time, energy, and the skills needed to do so, a good many more don’t. In fact, a huge number of blogs on the internet are written by professional copywriters. There are a variety of benefits associated with hiring a copywriter to fulfill your blogging needs. However, it’s crucial for business owners to find the right professional for the job. Thankfully, this article will help you accomplish just that:

Value Industry Experience

As with any job posting, the first step to finding the ideal candidate is to search for professionals with meaningful credentials. The most obvious of those is experience. Yet, simply finding a copywriter who has written successfully for other organizations in the past isn’t always enough. Ideally, they should have the right kind of experience. Consider for instance, a healthcare company that specializes in stem cell research and treatments. (Here’s an example of one, for reference: Writing for a business like that is a very different prospect to writing blogs for a law firm or an office design agency. As such, business leaders need to seek out pro writers who have at least some technical experience in their field. Unfortunately, the more niche a business is, the harder it will be to identify a capable writer for it.

Give a Test

Contrary to popular belief, writing is an objective, measurable skill. As a  business owner, you should be able to read two pieces of content on the same subject and determine which was written better. Thankfully, it’s always possible to ask prospective candidates to write a test blog for you. This way, you can judge their attention to detail, their voice, their style, their ability to perform on a deadline, and how they’d represent your brand through words. Note that reading previous work examples won’t give you a precise understanding of a writer’s abilities since old work can be edited and changed by others over time.

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Assess the Fit

One might be forgiven for assuming that copywriters don’t really need to collaborate –– or even get along with ––  their coworkers. This is a dangerous misconception, though. Now more than ever, copywriting is connected to other aspects of digital marketing and advertising. At the end of the day, your entire team is responsible for driving traffic to your site. So if a copywriter doesn’t work well with your team, hiring them won’t lead to optimal outcomes. Teaching someone a new concept is a lot easier than altering their entire personality or attitude.

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