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How to Leverage Expert Roundups to Earn High-Quality Links For Your Blog

How to Leverage Expert Roundups to Earn High-Quality Links For Your Blog

We have all seen them. The beautifully crafted roundup posts with all of our favorite bloggers sharing their opinion on a subject near and dear to our hearts. One must wonder, “Why Do These Websites Go Through All of The Trouble To Track Down These Well Known People’s Opinions?”

How are these blogs benefiting from sharing a roundup of their target audiences favorite bloggers?

The answer is simple; it’s all about the backlinks baby!

Imagine a resource where every well respected and well-known individual shares their opinion on an often controversial or essential topic. The internet is going to go crazy and link to it hundreds of times. Not only will the internet love it but the experts themselves as well.

Think about it? The basics of psychology support that if you share your opinion on something that makes you look good, then you will want to share it with others. Blogs everywhere are doing these weekly roundups and earning backlinks from some of the most authoritative influencers in their niche. So, what is stopping you from doing the same?

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In this article, we will explain exactly how to leverage expert roundups to earn high-quality backlinks for your blog, step by step.

What Is The First Step For Bloggers Using Expert Roundups To Earn High-Quality Links?

The first step in every expert roundup link building campaign is to leverage high-quality content that has the most authoritative influencers on board. Easier said than done, right? The process of reaching out to authoritative influencers in your niche is quite simple and can be done in three easy steps:

Step 1: Look At Expert Roundups Similar To Yours For Inspiration:

For this step, we like to use Google Search Operators to find the most authoritative roundups similar to what we have in mind. Using other expert roundups similar to what we want to create is an excellent source for finding quality influencers that say yes to roundups. This means when we go and reach out to the influencers for inclusion, we have a much higher chance of getting a resounding, “YES!” to our interview request.

Here are a few of my favorite Google Search Operators to use:

Keyword + roundup

Keyword + Friday round up

Keyword +  Saturday round up

Let’s take a look at what the results look like if we were planning an expert roundup as a travel blogger, using the keyword travel.

As you can see, there are quite a few juicy prospects right off the bat that we can use to cherry-pick key influencers for our own roundup. Once we have a list of 5-10 experts that we want to contact for our expert roundup piece, it is time to move onto step 2.

Step 2: Outreach To Influencers For Your Blogs Roundup

Outreaching to influencers in the niche of your blog is a process that scares most people away. When in reality, outreaching to influencers is simple when done correctly. 

Pro Tip: Do not waste your time scouring the web for the perfect email template. 

The key to every successful blogger outreach is personalizing email templates in a way that sounds genuine, almost like you were talking to them in person. 

First thing first, we need to make sure our emails actually get opened by these influencers. Let’s say we are a travel blogger, and we are making an expert roundup on, “What The Experts Say About Staying Safe In Colombia.” Here is what a good subject line would look:

Subject: (First Name), How Did You Not Get Kidnapped In Colombia?!?

The reason this subject line works is that it sounds controversial and is specific to the person we are contacting. We know the expert recently went to Colombia, and by searching google, we are able to discern that kidnapping is a common crime in Colombia. 

The first line is equally as important to the subject line in getting opens during our blogger outreach. The first line shows up in the preview text right next to the subject line in your inbox. This means the experts that we are contacting are able to read a little of what our message contains. Knowing this I like to get ultra-personalized in the first line and leave some speculation to entice opens from the recipient. 

A good first line would look something like this:

Woah! The recent Colombia trip that [insert site name] went on looked breathtaking and dangerous. I loved [insert a specific comment on something they did (keep it positive)] 

Most people will recommend starting your email off with something like, “I came across [insert site names] recent blog post entitled, “[insert title] and I especially liked [insert what you liked], this method is played out. When an expert who receives hundreds if not thousands of emails every day sees a preview text that is generic and boring, you can bet they will not be opening it. 

Notice how my first line started off exciting with a, “Woah!” and then led on to read like how a fanboy would talk to their idol in real life. That is exactly how you want to sound in order to get opens and come off genuinely appreciative and interested in something an expert has done. 

The rest of the email can be prewritten but personalized to the specific subject if your expert roundup. 

Take a look at our example:

I’m creating an expert roundup on, “What The Experts Say About Staying Safe In Colombia” and would love to include your insights on the subject. Just 50 words or so around how to stay safe in Colombia will suffice.

Influencer #1, influencer #2, and influencer #3 have already shared their insights, and I would love to have yours as well. We are planning to send this expert roundup out to our (# of the size email list) and send paid traffic to the post via Facebook and Google Adwords. 

Thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to give one of my favorite travel influencers [insert name] exposure to show my appreciation. Deadline for submissions is [insert date]

Let me know if you will be involved, would love to have you.

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All the best,

[Email Signature] 

The body of the email has to show them that they are a big name with a focus on helping them and keeping it personal. 

Step 3: Followup Emails

Followup emails may be the most crucial step and overlooked step in this entire process. Popular bloggers are really busy people that have the responsibilities of managing content deadlines, checking emails, driving traffic, and tweaking the overall web design. Often key influential bloggers will not respond to your first email because they are too busy. Just send them a couple of followup emails mentioning how busy they are, that you are following up, and repeating the benefits to them.

What Is The Last Step In Leveraging Expert Roundups To Earn High-Quality Links For Your Blog?

The last step in expert roundup blogger outreach is to publish your expert roundup on your blog, reach out to influential sites that share expert roundups, and reach back out to the blogging influencers that are mentioned. 

Publishing your expert roundup is simple, but how do you find these influential websites that share expert roundups? The answer to finding influential quality websites that want to link to your expert roundup is to use Google search operators. As mentioned earlier, google search operators are an excellent tool to filter Google results to find what you need. Here are a few of my favorites:

Keyword “favorite posts of the month”

Keyword “top posts of the month”

Keyword notable posts

Using the expert roundup that we hypothetically created earlier on, “What The Experts Say About Staying Safe In Colombia” a few of the keywords that we could choose are travel, Colombia safety, and Colombia. 

Be certain to change the time to the past year or set a custom range, to ensure that we get current and relevant results. 

Once you have a list of around 200 expert roundups that would be interested in linking to your roundup, then it is time to reach out. Reach out to the list using the principles for crafting a personalized email template above. Do the same with the experts mentioning that the expert roundup is up and they are welcome to link to it. Now you are well on your way to earning juicy backlinks from expert roundups to your blog.

Author Bio:

David Freudenberg is the CEO of Seowithdavid, a freelance link building agency that earns quality white hat links via manual outreach for businesses and blogs worldwide. When he is not running an agency, he enjoys spending time with his family/friends and fishing. Connect with him on Linkedin and Facebook.

Featured Photo By Mike Bird From Pexels  

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