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How to Write Seasonal Posts to Stand Out

How to Write Seasonal Posts to Stand Out

Editor’s note: This post was written by Haley Osborne, a freelance writer, blogger and contributing author at Essay Tigers. As a writing expert, she provides tips on content creation, business and academic writing. You can follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

Spring has come and it brought new holiday season starting from milder holidays like International Women’s day and proceeding to the great Easter hype. It is important for bloggers to get their content strategy ready as holiday season means it gets harder to compete for traffic and public attention.

Plenty of sites offer holiday related topics, latest trends and lists with DIY ideas. You can easily succumb to mass instinct and get lost in the piles of similar pre-holiday articles. And it is exactly what you want to avoid. Here are several ideas for you to write best holiday content and keep your blog afloat.

First of all, keep in mind that holiday season requires you to be creative, ingenuine and marketing savvy. By using a combination of blog and social media posts, you can direct traffic to your website and maintain contact with readers without overwhelming them or becoming just another box to tick on their holiday To Do list.

What to Write About…

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Showcase the Imperfections. It’s arguable that few – if any – people ever have the holiday they dream of. Easter ham burns, desserts fall, relatives stay too long and responsibilities simply become too much. No matter how much planning is involved, a disaster befalls nearly every home during the holidays. Blog posts that focus on these real-life dilemmas and how to handle them can be a beacon of hope amid a sea of Normal Rockwell or Martha Stewart style posts.

Personalized Articles. Regular readers of your blog and followers on social media already know about your business. Holiday season is the time to become more personal and show people behind the projects. It is a good idea to take a break from industry specific posts during the holidays and humanize your company.

Give readers and clients the opportunity to meet the team (or the author, if it is a personal blog). Include posts on your company holiday traditions and plans, remind on some of the important milestones, mention the successes you’ve achieved and the aims you strive for. Warm post of gratitude for the customers’ trust and loyalty will be also appropriate.

Get Ahead of Holiday Trends. Keep your posts on blogs or social media relevant by checking the keywords people are searching for during the holidays. Keyword search rankings can change quickly, so checking them regularly will help keep your topics fresh.

Honk Someone Else’s Horn. Using resources and information from another website, especially during the holidays, is a great way to offer casual advice on gift wrapping, holiday traditions and bits of holiday related entertainment. For readers, it shows that your company is interested in their happiness even if the post doesn’t do anything to promote your own business. Choose the websites you link to carefully and discuss cross promotions with the website owners

Several Things to Avoid

In the rush to get posts written ahead of the holiday schedule, it can be easy to fall back on bad habits. Posting poor content – especially before holidays – marks you as a bit of a time-waster for the readers. This is especially true for those who follow you on social media.

In the holiday season, their news feeds are going to be filled with more updates than usual from popular pages, groups of interest an friends’ updates, so poorly written and inappropriate content will stick out like a sore thumb. That’s why you should avoid the following:

Seasonal clichés

Some bloggers are trying too hard to connect their brand with anything associated with the season or holidays. It may result in ridiculous content and blog post titles. Do not try to force your brand into a season by all means. Being original and trying to provide your readers with something useful instead of misleading them to sound more “seasonal” will definitely be rewarded.

Aimless Content

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While quality is important throughout the year, during the holidays it’s absolutely crucial, even if that means reducing the number or frequency of your posts. During the holidays, fluff pieces are best avoided whenever possible.

Many companies have a content rich marketing strategy and use fluff pieces as a way to spark conversation. While that works well during the rest of the year, those same articles can be counterproductive when everyone’s schedule has less free time.

Trivial Formats and Memes

This has been the year of Top 10 lists. Bloggers, television shows and magazine articles have all come to rely on this format to deliver information quickly and with a bit of levity. Plus, let’s be honest, they’re easier to write!

However, during the holidays, it’s best to put out well-polished content without all the gimmicks. Publish quality content and your readers will respond positively. Push out the same old same old and you’ll disappear in the crowd.

The Easter Sales Pitch 

Avoid any sales pitches on specific holidays in the pre-Easter period. It’s fine to post your good wishes or holiday greetings, but including a link or sales pitch comes across as clumsy and poor taste.

Creating relevant posts during holiday season proves your desire to be helpful for your readers and shows your awareness of their needs and interests. Striking the right balance between the content quality and the amount of posts can be tricky at first, but maintaining and monitoring your interaction with readers helps to guide the way. After all, the main secret of good content is simple and you should stick to it not only for the holiday season – listen to your audience and give them what they want and need at the moment.

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