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Is Your Blog Internet Explorer 8 Ready?

Is Your Blog Internet Explorer 8 Ready?

If not, then you should get Internet Explorer 8 from the official site and find out. Other browsers that you really should support:

And mobile browsers as well, depending on how you want your readership to follow your blog.

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  • That shouldn’t be a necessary question. If IE8 is truly standards-compliant, as Microsoft claims, which I doubt, then it should render as it does in Firefox or Safari.

  • I share the above comment, this should be standards compliant, no excuses. Will this mean IE6 is killed off any sooner though? I doubt it ;)

  • According to the press release, IE8 is the most standards-compliant browser currently shipping: “Internet Explorer 8 now passes more of the W3C CSS 2.1 test cases than any other shipping browser and has invested significantly in support for HTML 5.”

    I have to trust to some extent that my WordPress sites are working (or at least degrading where necessary) in IE7 and 8 because I don’t often have access to a Windows environment to test them out.

  • It shouldn’t be, but it is I’m afraid. Besides, compare results in Firefox and Safari, they can truly differ as well.

    And no, IE6 will stick around some time longer. The only thing we can do is inform our readers about the fact that they’re browsing the web using a security hazard.

  • Internet Explorer Views:
    Failed to impress, Although the addons to translate text to different languages and map addon was viewed as impressive, such let downs include the reopen last viewed interpage button, the extra site addons which are really unneccesary!
    This has to be a failed attempt and I have reverted to 7 and have sworn never to download 8 !

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