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Is Your Blog Quotable?

Is Your Blog Quotable?

When another blogger wants to link to you, what do they often want to see? If someone does a StumbleUpon review, what do they need to find in your post? A speaker at a conference wants to reference your wise words, what will they look to your articles to find?

You have it; quotes.

Just like politicians, bloggers can help their ideas spread using soundbites (bytes?).

We know this to be true, so why do we make it so hard for people to quote us?

If you want to be quoted, make your quotes easy to find.

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Over on my own blog I have started using a WordPress plugin to pull out quotes. It looks good, breaks up the text, makes it more easy to skim, but most importantly improves my chances of being quoted. Rather than leaving it for others to dig through my content looking for a likely piece of text, I make it easy with my own suggestion of a quote they can use.

What do you think? Could this work for you?

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