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John Chow on How to Apply to an Ad Network

John Chow on How to Apply to an Ad Network

John Chow shares his wisdom on how to apply to an ad network. It boils down to these 4 major things to consider, according to him:

  • Have a Domain Name
  • Use Your Domain Email
  • Have a Completed About Page
  • Have Contact Information On Your Site

Chow uses his own TTZ Media ad network as an example, so if you’re having trouble getting into that, check out his post. Otherwise, it’s pretty basic stuff, but still worth to read up on if you’re new to the game.

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  • Many people sign up for Ad Networks, but if they don`t get accepted just give up.

    One of the most important things I found was to never give up.

    If you get declined write them an email and ask them what was the reason and what to do to get in.

    If this fails pick up your phone and call them! Explain the situation and tell them that you want to get in.

    Keep trying untill you suceed!

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