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A Marketer’s Dream: Pinterest Pointers for Spectacular SEO

A Marketer’s Dream: Pinterest Pointers for Spectacular SEO

Editor’s note: This post was written by Sorcha Mullis, an Online Marketing Specialist with White Chalk Road, a leading search engine optimisation (SEO) and online marketing firm in Perth, Western Australia. White Chalk Road provides SEO, SEM, PPC and online reputation management services to clients based in Perth and wider Australia. Connect with Sorcha on Google+.

pinterest pointersWhatever your business, you owe it to your company to explore the myriad of ways this social platform can benefit your marketing initiatives. Establishing a business presence on Pinterest is an excellent way to showcase your products or services and drive traffic to your website.

If your business still believes that Pinterest is merely about fashion trends and crock pot recipes, it’s time to think again. Take a look at these Pinterest pointers which can help you make the most of the platform.

Pinterest Overview for Business

Pinterest is used by individuals as well as commercial enterprises. Pinterest users often regard their Pinterest boards as their virtual file cabinet. Users pin all sorts of things relative to their lives, occupations, and hobbies. Business Pinterest users strive to fill up users’ boards with their pins. These pins are literally gateways back to the business site. If a user loves a pair of shoes that your company makes, he or she can link to your site in just a couple quick clicks where they can find out more about them and even purchase them.

Even if your business does not sell a concrete product, don’t hesitate from promoting your services. For instance, a landscaping business should be pinning photographs of completed projects or pins that link back to their blogs.

Get Help

While the Pinterest platform is relatively easy to use, you might want to check out a beginner’s guide to using Pinterest for SEO and online marketing. It’s important to learn all the ins and outs of the site before you establish an account and begin creating boards and pinning pins. Check out how your competitor’s use Pinterest. If they haven’t discovered the site yet, so much the better. You can take advantage of the savvy marketing available when you use the site regularly.

SEO Considerations

pinterest pointers

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After you get to know the Pinterest platform and register your business account, you’ll want to create a few boards to get rolling. When it comes to naming and describing your boards, keywords are a must if you want to enhance SEO. The same goes for your pins. With each pin, you’re allowed a few sentences to describe it. This is where SEO shines. The more effective you can create SEO content for your pins, the more likely they are to pop up in a user’s search. Using keyword-rich descriptions and your business name, you can effectively increase the likelihood that your pins will be found and, ideally, shared.

More Tips for Using Pinterest

Once you start pinning, be sure to test your pins. Make sure they link back to your website and its particular pages. You should also search for influential Pinterest users in your industry; follow their boards and invite them to follow yours. Their followers will more easily be able to discover your Pinterest boards when you are linked. Finally, remember that you can mix up the content mediums you promote. You can pin images of your products, but you can also pin video tutorials or images that link to your blog. Lastly, check these Pinterest marketing strategies before you deploy.

Keep these tips in mind as you establish your Pinterest presence. As one of the most important social media sites, no business can afford to ignore it much longer. Find out how Pinterest can enhance your marketing campaigns by checking out the site.

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