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Preparing for the Christmas Slowdown

Preparing for the Christmas Slowdown

ChristmasInevitably, regardless of our own December and new year activities or beliefs, the blogosphere slows down over the holidays. What are you doing to prepare for it?

Personally, as I get paid to write in certain places, I will be using the WordPress post timestamp facility a great deal and attempting to pre-load as many articles as I can manage. This time of year my family will be wanting to see me more than the customary back of my head haloed in a computer screen glow!

While the timestamp feature is a life saver for anyone who will be mega busy over the season, remember you might still attract comments that will require attention, either spam busting (spammers never rest) or replying.

If it you will not be otherwise engaged then you can make good use of the seasonal slow down to get some housekeeping, research and heavy lifting done. When the blog world is not paying quite as much attention is a good time to do anything risking, service disrupting or potentially embarrassing changes, such as trying a design change or moving platforms.

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So that is my plan, what will you be up to over the next few weeks?

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  • There are only two days over the holiday season where I will be spending time with family. Because of that I won’t really be too busy over the holidays so I will still be able to spend most of the time blogging as I would normally. I already have all my shopping done so that won’t cut into my blogging at all.

    The days when I will be with family though I will have to write posts early which is a little tough because most of what I talk about is news stories but I don’t think a day late would really hurt much.

  • Pre-loading a buttload of stories to release over the holiday time sounds like a good idea. You’d be able to take you eyes off the screen for a bit and relax whilst eating some turkey or holiday ham. And your readers will not be mad due to a lack of material.

  • While other bloggers are posting less, I’m going to be posting more. I’m using a lot of things I’ve already written though.

    It’s always nice to start the new year with a fresh burst of energy on the site. Lots of people will tune in on January 1st almost expecting something new. It’s good to build up the momentum before then.

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