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Quality or Quantity?

Quality or Quantity?

So many bloggers look at Techcrunch and co churning out post after post and think quantity is the real trick to blogging success.

  • More posts equals more traffic
  • Lots of updates equals more favor from search
  • Posts make page views, which earns ad dollars
  • Etc

Is quantity all it takes? How important is quality?

Just recently I received this story from (via Perry Marshall)

A record $160-million VC investment. A rich Web strategy. A quirky founder. For a few weeks last spring, Guelph, Ont.’s Geosign had it all. Then mighty Google stirred. And it was over

It turns out this company had raised a fortune from VCs based on cranking out junk articles, pumping the traffic using low-cost adwords and earning revenue from high-value Adsense.

The classic Made for Adsense Arbitrage Trick.

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Don’t get me wrong, there are people making millions using pump-and-dump arbitrage. Buy low, sell high works, it doesn’t matter if you are talking about stocks or traffic. Just don’t expect Google to turn a blind eye for too long.

If they were willing to lose millions in Adwords dollars, what do you think they would care about your little blog?

Long term you are better creating a loyal audience, then it doesn’t matter what Google does. Quality is a prime factor and we should never forget it.

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  • My blog is still young and it’s just me writing currently. I also have a full time job and a family, so quantity really isn’t an option for me, right now. The thing is I really gewt more out of it myself when I concentrate on the quality. I could throw a short pithy comment by mobile several times a day by mobile, but the blog is about sharing good ideas rather than whatever jumps into my head at the time. If it means I don’t make millions, I guess I’ll live. I want to enjoy doing the blog.

  • I agree, Chris. Quality is very important to build audience and keep existing readers.

    If they expect you to update more frequently, then do it. Post a few shorter posts, mix with longer and more comprehensive articles every week or so.

    Inviting guest bloggers can help supplying fresh content.

  • I challenge myself to deliver both quality and quantity. I have two post “times” scheduled, 12pm and 3pm. If I wake up late, I’ll always sit down and work hard for maybe 45 minutes to an hour on the 3pm post, then come back a few minutes before time and edit it for any grammar/spelling, etc.

    Have I missed a few marks? Sure, but I have work to do. Still, I strive for a daily update with interesting ideas.

  • I think you are write but such kind of idea comes only with experience . I am blogging from last two years as a hobby and published almost only400 articles which provides me good traffic and money from adsense too .

    Now a days Most of new users who come to know that they can make money via adsense other stuff they start posting anything they get so they can get more post and adds can be displayed and they don’t think about quality . That why 95% of them stops blogging after 6 to 8 months . I have seen many blogs going down in last one year .

  • I’ve noticed that the blogs that are in it for the long haul are the only ones producing original content. Everyone else just posts lists of resources or links to the story of the day, both get old and boring quickly.

    Google is getting better at recognising duplicate content and determining who is the originator. This is going to affect a lot of people’s adsense income.

  • I agree on that the quality must be there. However, updates are important to get traffic. I have just started my 3rd blogg ( and seriously try to find good content and important/interesting news and gears for the readers. I have, in the past, built up 2 blogs with deacent amounts of readers and to me quality and quantity is an important balance. And also – or us who dont work as bloggers for our living but more for the fun (and extra admoney) quality is essential.

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