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Refresh Google My Business Listing for the Holidays

Refresh Google My Business Listing for the Holidays

The holidays are upon us again, and if you are like most companies, a good portion of your sales will occur over the next month. It seems like you may never be totally ready for the holiday rush, no matter how much preparation you did ahead of time. However, refreshing your Google My Business listing is one of the few last minute steps you can take that will really help make an impact on your holiday sales and search results. At, we focus on strategy and dynamic solutions for online businesses; but not every effort has to be a difficult and complex undertaking. Something like updating your Google My Business Page can be effective and simple. Here are some excellent tips to make the most out of refreshing your Google My Business Page.

Updating Your Listing

You know your business best, and it is easy to make a few updates that will have a huge impact on how customers will find your business searching in Google. Your business will be ready for the holiday season instantly when you add photos, reply to reviews, and create new timely posts on your page. You can access your Google My Business dashboard by logging into Google with your business account and searching for your business, or simply be responding the email that Google sent to registered Google My Business registered accounts.

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Google My Business Dashboard

Once you login and access your dashboard, you will see the prompts from Google to help fill in the blanks and address the areas of concern. Google allows users to suggest edits or changes to business’ listings. This crowd-sourced information technique helps keep everyone updated. In the first section, you can review any suggested changes from users. You can choose to accept or decline the change. It can be anything from holiday hours to address changes, or category differences. Then, it will also prompt you to add an update post, images, see your reviews, etc.

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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Photos

As you know, pictures make a big difference in your business listing. Images garner more interest and attention from potential customers. However, bad pictures might hinder your efforts more than help,m so make sure that you take the best possible, most flattering photos for your business. Google offers some tips as well as an instructional video to help you take the best photos. Google’s research shows that in-store photos are especially helpful for shoppers to learn more about your location and what you have to offer. The right pictures will let your customers take a peek inside your store before they visit this holiday season.

Tips for Taking the Best Photos

  • Make a list of the things that you think best represent your space’s atmosphere and product selection.
  • Try to photograph things in natural daylight.
  • Have a good mix and variety of photos. Give an overview of the store, what is on the shelves, and tight product shots.
  • Don’t take pictures with a cluttered background.
  • Take pictures at different angles to see which angles best show off your products and your store.

Summary and Takeaways for Your Business

Google is a powerful tool for businesses everywhere. You don’t even need a website for your business to benefit from and be found in Google. Be sure to keep your Google My Business listing up to date and use all of the tips and tools that Google offers to help you make your business shine. With just a few minutes a month, you can have your listing really help your business. It doesn’t take much to make your small business stand out in Google’s local listings and ensure that local customers looking for the goods or services you sell will find you.

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