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Riding A Blog

Riding A Blog

Becoming an expert Blogger and ridding a bike have many similarities that extend far beyond the initial learning experience. As with riding a bike, Blogging takes time to master and since bikes are considered a form of transportation you can ride many places just as you can target your Blog to many people. See the similarities?

Getting Started

Your First Bike
Getting your first Blog started and riding a bike require two similar things: a protection and guidance. The outcome of your first try is unpredictable and safety measures must be employed. Chances are you when you first ride a bike you won’t be doing so in heavy traffic or anywhere dangerous so why should you do the same with your first Blog? If you’re new to Blogging it’s always best to start out small then work your way up through an externally hosted Blog and be reviewed amongst your peers.

Practice Makes Perfect
So you’ve probably like read the first paragraph, and totally thought I’m out my mind, right? Well, riding a bike has much to do with Blog, as you’ll soon see, but it’s only with practice that you can structure your Blog and postings to be truly effective and informative instead of useless drivel. I mean think about it, you may have the intentions of becoming an A-List Blogger but we all start at ground zero when you’re just starting out. Did Lance Armstrong start out in the Tour de France when he was 10? No, he probably raced kids on around the neighborhood.

Crash Protection
There will be a time when you get publicity and finally get noticed, but it won’t be without criticism. Same thing goes for riding a bike, but it almost works the other way. That is, you probably won’t be noticed when you get into an accident or you run into a pole. But at the same time, you’ll need to understand that criticism is great fuel for your posts (I’ll go way more in to this next week) and can stir up a good conversation — you can even get a great color conversation from drivers or pedestrians who are almost harmed by you riding a bike (man, I love the similarities we’re coming across!). But let’s say your bike gets totaled by a small SUV and you make it out by alive and in one piece, what do you do? Probably buy a new bike and have a few bruises and scrapes. If you have a majority of your audience rail against you, then just like that bike you’ll need to better improve your posts, and I have learned in both scenarios that sometimes it takes such an event to literally open your eyes to the difficulties you face.


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When getting from point A to point B do you keep readers in suspense or just lay it on them casually? Are you the kind of rider who zig zags between cars or just cruises down the sidewalk waving at passing pedestrians? The dangers (or lack of) associated with both of the riding styles also reflect similar Blogging styles. If you come out as laid back and down to earth people will appreciate that, they’ll see you as humble and have little reason to knock you on anything. On the other hand if you attempt to be badass by inserting colorful adjectives into sentences that should be reserved for content, then your readers will eye you as arrogant, and not passionate about what they do, as it tends to be rushed material just to get a buck. The rider who crisscrosses through traffic often gets pummeled by 2 tons of metal, while the laid back rider gets people enthusiastic about his work and spurs a conversation while building trust.

What Blogger wouldn’t like to expand themselves as long as it’s sector that can be easily controlled? What biker wouldn’t like to expand their travels as long as it’s fits in easily for them? But here’s the thing, even though we yearn for expansion we must determine if we can handle this increase and usually take it slowly and cautiously. We can usually expand ourselves through a map planning just where we want go and slowly but surely reach that goal.

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