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Share What You Love/Hate About Blogging

Share What You Love/Hate About Blogging

Bella DePaulo, a blogger for both Psychology Today and the Huffington Post has a nice blog entry today devoted to the eight things she loves about blogging, and the three things she does not.

I’m a huge fan too, Bella! In fact, when I have periods of time where posting is not an option, I find myself suffering from Blogging Withdrawal.

We’ve spoken about this before, but since it’s a light and fluffy Friday, why not take the time to share your favorite thing about blogging AND your least favorite thing below.

It’s a fun exercise that could help rekindle your blogging passion, give you greater insight into your blogging actions, or simply, a way to vent about what blogging aspect drives you crazy.

My favorite from Bella about what she does NOT like about blogging:

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  • I love blogging. The potential power of blogs astonish me and I think people and businesses don’t yet fully realize what they can do through a blog.

  • I love that it gives clarity to my thoughts and feelings. It’s a sort of reflection. It’s stopping yourself from rushing to and fro in many trivial online pursuits in order to pin down a thought.

    It’s a good exercise for the mind. Brings clarity to one’s convictions and shines the light on a few strange biases and prejudices we secretly harbor. When we are really honest about what we write – then it becomes a great tool for self-discovery.

    I hate the awful demands of blogging. It’s like a baby – constantly in need of attention and fussing about. And the strange thing is? We give way each time – we may hate being somewhat a slave to it, but we keep doing it anyway. “,)

  • I really like that blogging offers an easy way to collect and organize information about around different topics or on specific topics. I have just started a series of blog posts called “A Blog About” to profile some of the more niche blogs out there – I love that there are blogs about all sorts of interesting things, from blogging, to knitting, to lost toys. Anyone with a passion can become an expert on a topic.

    I started blogging about Pittsburgh – over 3 years ago – the conversation and community that has formed around the blog has become more than I could have ever imagined. I am excited for all of offline connections that blogging helps to form.

  • Well blogging is a nice way to communicate what you have in your mind. I love blogging as i can post what i think about anything.

  • Funny that what you and Bella don’t like about blogging is one of the things I do like.

    Blogging pays my bills.

    Probably my favorite part though is the human connections and contacts I have made, and the opportunities those have brought me.

    The thing I most dislike is dealing with the offensive/snarky/insulting/trolling stuff but thankfully that is the minority.

  • I love blogging because it gives me a creative outlet for my emotional ya yas.

    I hate blogging because you can never get away from it. Once you stop posting, people leave comments like “ARE YOU DEAD?!?!” It’s like jan_geronimo said… blogs are whiny, fussy babies.

  • I like blogging because it keeps me thinking about what I want to deliver to my readers. It’s a great way to share you thoughts, experience, interesting and useful information with others. Besides, blogging can be used as a way to earn some money. That’s why I like blogging.

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