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Small Increments to Make Big Traffic

Small Increments to Make Big Traffic

Many bloggers ask me in desperation what they are doing wrong. They work hard and don’t seem to be making any progress. They hear talk of a snowball effect but they don’t see any evidence of it.

When you start out blogging it can be tough. It is like rolling a snowball, but up hill and starting out with a pea sized ball to begin with.

For a while you push and you push and all you get for your efforts is sweat and aching limbs. At this point it is easy to give up, and lots of people do.

Shame is, when it seems most useless could be the point where things are about to switch in your favor …

The good news is while for ages it can seem like you are getting nowhere, in fact every little push gets you that bit closer to your goal. One day you make that little extra effort and everything seems to tumble into place from there, you find you are over the hump and rolling downhill with little effort on your own part other than to give little nudges to keep on track.

Every day try to do something to help your blog progress. Small incremental efforts can pay big dividends over time. If you get just 10% additional readers every week, just think how that will add up over time.

First job is to sort out your theme for maximum subscriber appeal and absolutely critical, create your ever green, pillar, cornerstone or flagship content (whatever you want to call it, you need some). If you don’t have flagship content stop what you are doing and click here now! :)

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Here are five things you should get into the habit of doing to push that traffic snowball over the edge!

  1. You are only as good as your last post so make each article count. Get friends to stumble, vote and bookmark your posts and do the same for them.
  2. Link out and comment generously, even link to people who are critical of you. Answer and encourage comments on your own blog. Nurture your readers and appreciate them.
  3. Guest post and take part in carnivals, and when you have a growing audience start a carnival or your own project. Use this WordPress plugin to make taking submissions and creating the roundup post even easier.
  4. Make friends with bloggers and swap links, find ways to link in context rather than from blogrolls. Pitch other bloggers with your links the right way.
  5. Join blogging forums and get yourself known as a valuable member of the community

If you are already doing these things, great! Keep plugging away, you could be just a few posts away from breaking through! On the other hand if you are not doing these things, well, now you know what you need to do :)

Keep on keeping on, success could be just round the corner!

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  • Great advice, as per usual, Chris.

    I’m always sure to spend a certain amount of time commenting on other people’s blogs. I can’t expect anyone to comment on mine if I don’t read what they’re writing about.

  • I couldn’t agree more. It’s all about the little things in the beginning and unless you hit it big, it’s still the little things that keep you going. The great thing about commenting/linking so much and joining forums is that you have the benefit of meeting great people/blogs along the way.

  • Thank you for the pointers. I have been blogging for over two months and I constantly feel like I am rolling the snowball up hill and progressing very slowly. I am encouraged by your advice on small incremental efforts.


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