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Take Advantage of Creative Bursts When You Blog

Take Advantage of Creative Bursts When You Blog

So often we hear that bloggers should write every day in order to keep up their blogging momentum. The idea is that writing posts every day trains your mind to be active, so that way you can fight off writer’s block whenever it hits you. It really is a good idea. Lots of novelists swear by it and write every day. How do you think Stephen King has written so many books?

But what if this process doesn’t even work for you? What if, no matter how often you try to get your writing done every day, you just can’t do it? If that’s the case, then you might be someone who needs to get all of the writing done at once to take advantage of when inspiration hits you. You might be a blogger who tries to write the majority of your content all at once, so that way you can focus on other blog-related duties when you can’t write. In other words, always have a chunk of time set aside for your writing and try to create enough content for some solid pillar posts for the week.

So, because I’m one of these kinds of bloggers who can’t write every day, here’s what I do. I set aside five hours during the weekend to get most of my content written for the week. I use that time to accomplish three things. The first thing I try to do is brainstorm a list of three to five ideas for pillar posts, which are posts that are in-depth and well-researched; they function to support the rest of the blog throughout the week. I use almost all of my weekend blogging time to then write out my pillar posts. These posts will go up once a day if I have five or they will alternate days if I only have three.

Once I write my pillar posts, I then brainstorm ideas for filler posts. These posts will be relatively short compared to the pillar posts and will deal more with newsworthy items and comments and other blogs. They are a kind of web that loosely connects to the themes I’ve created with the pillar posts. I think of these filler posts as short, but timely updates, while the pillar posts are longer and more in-depth, which allow me and commenters to consider an issue within the community in a way that extends a conversation for several months.

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This combination of pillar posts and filler post ideas allows me to have much of my blogging done by the time the week comes around; I only have to dash off the filler posts during my weekly blogging. Then I can use the rest of week for the business aspect of blogging and I don’t have to worry about being creative every single day. By doing all my creative work at the same time, I can keep the momentum going and leave myself plenty of time throughout the week to deal with the business aspects of my blog.

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