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The Simple Truth of Blog Traffic

The Simple Truth of Blog Traffic

I was just reading Yaros free Blog Mastermind Lesson and he says this:

there are only four ways you can get traffic to your blog

  1. You can buy it
  2. You can get it from search engines
  3. You can take other people’s traffic
  4. You can do or create something that generates attention and word of mouth

Think about it. It’s such a simple fact, but one people often overlook. How do you get traffic to your blog?

  • Links – Either begged or given freely, links send the most qualified and sticky traffic
  • Digg/StumbleUpon – Social media send traffic and also generate links
  • Viral effects – Create a killer video or a download and people share it with their friends
  • Advertising – Many people do not have the funds to buy advertising but it is the surest way to create more visitors

What do all of these come down to? Creating something compelling.

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Even  with advertising. If your advert does not offer something compelling, who is going to click through?

Rather than look for tricks and secret techniques, create something remarkable and your promotion efforts will be so much easier :)

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  • Just a classic case of consultants stating the obvious: “The only way you can get traffic to your blog … is to get traffic to your blog”.

  • I agree, there are no other ways to generate traffic. I tried with lots of free traffic generating services but nothing happened. My source of most traffic these days is from search engines like google.

  • @Ran, just to reiterate “What do all of these come down to? Creating something compelling”. Think about it. “Obvious” is in the eye of the beholder, check out some forum threads some time :)

    @Tony – Yes I think so!

    @Samardeep – Traffic services rarely work as advertised, you have to be extremely careful with them

  • 5. By leaving comments on other peoples blogs

    Sorry, couldn’t help myself :-)

    Truth be told, I have had some success with this approach on newly started blogs, by leaving comments on related blogs. (Related comments, not spam).

  • Actually there’s really only two ways to get traffic and that’s by:

    Getting other people’s traffic


    Advertising offline

    Buying traffic or getting it from search engines or social bookmarking and stuff is all getting traffic from other sites. You “buy” other people’s traffic, you get search engine traffic but that’s because Google and Yahoo advertise offline to get people to go to their site, etc.

  • I have learned that advertising your internet business online doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. As an internet marketer you can get yourself free traffic by using other people’s lists. These are called safelists. Your free member allows you to email to hundreds, sometime thousands, of prospects. Safelists have worked well for me. Be warned that for the majority of the safelists you will be opting in to receive other marketers offers. It’s best to open free email accounts ie. gmail, to handle all the email. Do not use your primary email!

  • Those are really great tips on how to drive traffic to your blog! It’s important to know how to drive traffic to your blog in order for you to have a successful blog, especially if you are making money with your blog. I have seen so many different ways to do this, but this article really puts it straight forward and to-the-point. I will definitely be book marking this article for my own resources and to share with others.

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