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The Technorati kick start diet

The Technorati kick start diet

I’ve been playing with tags for the last couple of months and although they aren’t really providing any significant traffic here at The Blog Herald (well maybe 100 pages views for the month) I’ve noticed that with new blogs and blogs that aren’t going to well, Technorati tags provide some great initial traffic and seem to help you with the search engines as well. So for the new year, try

The Technorati kick start diet
Ideal for new blogs and existing blogs looking for traffic.
Step 1: get a Technorati Tags plugin
WordPress: Ultimate Tag Warrior
Movable Type: Technorati Tags Plugin
Blogger: Categories and Technorati Tags for Blogger 1.0
Other services, like TypePad have the ability to do Technorati tags built in (thanks Anil). If your blog provider or tool doesn’t have a plugin, you can also do them manually, Technorati’s tag help page is here.

Step 2: get tagging
Its as simple as this. For your tags use words or names relevant to the subject, for example with my new b5media Britney Spears blog I use “Britney Spears” a lot in the tags.

Step 3: watch your traffic grow
Now this is the fun part, because chances are you’re going to see traffic from Technorati, particularly if you are posting about something topical. I’m no SEO expert, but I’ve also seen blogs get picked up in Google as well via Technorati and it seems to help improve your search engine results as well.

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That’s it, the fully patented, super duper, Technorati kick start diet, great for one of your new years resolutions :-)

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  • But, Duncan, WordPress automatically pings Technorati using the categories as tags. If you choose your categories carefully, creating new ones if necessary, you needn’t bother with plugins. Just make sure you remove “categories” from the sidebar, or they’ll stretch out a bit. :-)

  • Yeah, I’ve always relied on the categories as tags. My main problem is that I can’t get Technorati to update my site. It’s been 40 (!) days since they updated me. Prior to that, I had no problems. I ping regularly with pingomatic (automatic in WP) and have tried pinging manually. I’ve also e-mail them, but haven’t received a response. I’ve seen a number of people reporting similar problems. Any ideas?

  • Drupal, out of the box, does some magic in the RSS feed which technorati picks up on and files the posting under tags. In the RSS feed drupal generates a category element. Technorati will file the posting under the tag named in the category element. No need to make the actual link to the technorati tag page.

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