Top 4 Online Business Ideas for 2019 Success

The New Year may bring you some new opportunities, especially if you are looking into starting an online business. There are the old online business go-tos like starting a blog or ecommerce store. These are still good options, but there are also plenty of other online business ideas for 2019 success.

Now, let’s quickly talk about the elephant in the room — getting rich. Can you get rich starting and running an online business? Yes. Is it common? No.

However, you can start an online business that provides a nice income, like a growing blog for instance. This doesn’t happen overnight, but through hard work and some persistence, you can enjoy flexibility in your work/life schedule, have mobility to go anywhere at anytime, and potentially earn more in your later working life than at a traditional 9-to-5 job.

With that being said, let’s dive into the top four online business ideas for 2019.

1. Sell Your Knowledge via Information Products

Information products are among the best marketplaces for those who want to start an online business in 2019 with trillions of dollars up for grabs. If you are knowledgeable about something, and can teach others, creating and selling an information product could be lucrative. It’s also pretty cheap to do. With everything digital, you don’t need to find a manufacturer to create CDs and DVDs for you.

You can simply do everything on your computer and offer it via your website. For example, pairing a 10-point starter checklist with a digital video course and ebook will do the trick. And if you’re not an expert on any one thing, you can read 10 of the top books on a subject and know as much as the experts in a very short amount of time.

2. Develop an Online Course

This top online business idea for 2019 kind of runs along the same lines as selling an information product, since you are still selling information, but this is a bit more hands-on. If you have expertise in a specific topic, whether it is marketing, or restoring old cars, you can easily develop an online course and give training via the internet.

To do this, you will need to set up a WordPress website for your online course, mainly one that is membership based with a member login screen and everything for members. But once you have that in place, the rest is pretty easy. Be sure to use WordPress SEO best practices or get help from a pro to ensure you are driving quality traffic to your online course. You can even pair this with a YouTube channel to serve up teasers and drive more people to your course online.

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3. Buy Wholesale Products and Sell Them Through B2C Marketplaces

This is an online business that is slightly less traveled, but has big time profit potential. Buying pallets of retail goods (mainly returned items) on B2B markets and selling them B2C is an online business worth pursuing. There are online platforms like Direct Liquidation where you can purchase product pallets.

Once you get your pallet, sort through the goods and then begin listing them on Amazon, eBay, Wish, and more. You will need to set up a business account to buy pallets wholesale and register for Amazon and eBay seller accounts, but once you get rolling, you could make a huge percentage back on your initial investment.

4. Launch an Online English Language School

You may not think there is much money in teaching, but when it comes to learning English as a foreign language, there are millions to be made. English has kind of become the language of business, and due to the influence of English blogs, music, movies, and television shows, the language is quite popular around the world. This means more and more people want to learn English.

But there is an issue. A lot of people don’t have time to travel to an English speaking country to learn English, or do they have time to go to in-class learning sessions in their home countries. That’s where your future online language school comes into play. You can start as a teacher and hire more teachers as you gain popularity. Then you may even find yourself teaching English to top executives all over the world. All from sharing your native tongue.

Wrapping Up . . .

The above top 4 online business ideas for 2019 success may not be among the most popular, but they are roads worth traveling when it comes to carving out an income via the internet. This year take your future into your own hands and give an online business a try. You may be surprised in just how fast it grows.

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