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Top Five Tips to Get on Popular Bloggers’ Radar

Top Five Tips to Get on Popular Bloggers’ Radar

Popular Bloggers

Popular bloggers can be a great inspiration, and good people to learn from. They have built a successful business around a typically simple idea, and have an active community of loyal supporters. Getting on the radar of anyone with some sort of notoriety, is no easy task. The reality is, most people completely blow it. They try too hard, come off as a stalker, or maybe ask for way too many favors..

Now, you might be thinking: why should I care about getting on the radar of popular bloggers? Well, first things first, you do not have to be interested. However, if you are active in the blogging world, and understand the value of networking, it can open doors to new opportunities. You can get access to their audience through opportunities like guest posting, for example. Most importantly though, you can forge a new relationship, which in of itself can be priceless.

Stop Being Generic

Every blog has its generic comments. “Great thoughts!,” “Really enjoyed this post!,” “Thanks for sharing!,” and the list goes on. These comments do nothing more than to serve as filler. They do not really add any value to the discussion, and do not drive discussion. To really stand out, move beyond the generic, and truly give your two cents. Also, do not be afraid to disagree. Disagreeing is a good thing, and makes conversations a heck of a lot more interesting.

Hang Out, But Don’t Be THAT Guy

It is one thing to leave a comment here and there. You need to establish yourself as an active community member, not an occasional stumbler. However, by no means become THAT guy, meaning a suck up. Sure, it can be flattering to hear great things all the time, but as I am sure many popular bloggers can agree, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth when the person is simply trying to get something out of you for their own personal gain. In order to get value, you must first give value, and give a heck of a lot (Tweet This).

Become A Roadie

Roadies are the backbone of any band, and help put together the show. As you become more of an established, active community member, help out. For example, if people are asking questions, step in. If people are spamming a Facebook post or group, report it and lay down the law. When you run a popular blog, and have an active community spread across the web, it can be a serious hassle keeping up with everything. While popular bloggers may not explicitly come out and thank you, it really is a big help if you can save them a few seconds here and there.

Connect Beyond The Blog

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Social media helps to drive traffic in a world that used to be specifically dominated by email and search engines. Chances are, you have a Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ account, and so does the person who’s blog you actively follow.

You’re Human, So Talk About Human Stuff

This is probably one of the most underutilized tips, but oh so important in building relationships with anyone really, not just popular bloggers. Step away from the typical conversation, and get more personal. If you see them post a tweet, ask how they’re doing. Get to understand their interests, and talk about that. Some of the best conversations I have had with people in the industry have had absolutely nothing to do with either of our respective fields.

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