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Twitter as Community Kick-Starter

Twitter as Community Kick-Starter

More and more I am using Twitter to attract discussion to the various blogs I write for. When you are starting a new blog it is difficult to get conversation going. There is the catch-22 of no community therefore no comments, but the fear of no comments mean you dare not invite them. Twitter solves this without risk of zero comment embarrassment!

It is always worth prompting for comments in your post but if you are afraid you won’t get any response at all, try starting a discussion around your topic at Twitter.

People love to converse at Twitter, especially if you bring up interesting questions. People will either reply in a tweet or some will drop by your post to comment.

You can even incorporate the Twitter responses as updates to the post so the reader can see the discussion.

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Another benefit of including your Twitter followers is some of them might also Stumble your post, giving you a little traffic boost on top of the benefit of their opinions.

While it is not a perfect solution by any means, if you have built up a good Twitter following it is well worth trying.

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  • Yes, I am thankful for twitter. It is a great platform for interaction between me and my readers.

    It is great for the growing number of readers who don’t have time to post a comment – because they are browsing sites from a mobile application, or too busy. Twitter is an app they can easily utilize from their mobile devices – it takes just a few seconds to add a reply, on the fly.

    I have two twitter accounts :

    1.) My personal twitter – ( )that I use as a side blog to post anything and everything.

    2.) My blog updates twitter – ( I post solely my blog’s most recent posts via this twitter. I use this in combination with, a service that will post updates of any feed you chose (even multiple feeds), to a twitter account.

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