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UK Blogging Meetups and Conferences?

UK Blogging Meetups and Conferences?

Chicago at nightTech conferences had pretty much killed my desire for these things but after such a great experience at SOBCon in Chicago I am ready to find more blogger meet-ups. Anyone know of any good ones in the UK?

I see that Tony Scott is organizing a UK WordCamp, I am definitely up for that, if only as I would be guaranteed to meet Lorelle again ;) Right now the organizers of the WordCamp event are aiming for Saturday and Sunday 19-20 July 2008 in Birmingham.

Why the sudden desire to go to conferences and events? I found my experience completely turned around in Chicago. Before at tech conferences there seemed to be a ton of people who were sent there, not necessarily enthusiastically, or there to get out of work. Even on the occasions where the place was full of people who wanted to be there, there seemed to still be this “us and them” mentality, where the speakers were off in one room and the attendees in another. The only time the two groups met were briefly before or after talks, and perhaps if the speaker room ran out of coffee.

What I saw at SOBCon was completely different, everyone mixed, everyone was open, and there was no “only talking to this group” rubbish. I want to see if this is a blogging thing, I hope it is.

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If you know of a good event, please mention it in the comments?

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  • Hey, Chris. Don’t you read this blog? :D I list a ton of great blog and WordPress-related events every Wednesday in the WordPress Wednesday News. Hee hee.

    SOBCon was a very special event. Don’t expect to repeat it. But if I can get my sorry butt to WordCamp UK, it could be a repeat! We are doing our best to find sponsorship and I want to be there more than anything. I’m so excited about the speakers and activities surrounding this WordCamp. Can’t wait!

    You owe me another hug, my friend!

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