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Use Social Media – Effectively

Use Social Media – Effectively

With social media, everyone wants to know that what they are saying is having an impact on other people. Getting traffic that responds to your posts is extremely exciting, and keeping them coming back is even better. Here are some simple tips you can use to increase your social media traffic and success.

Be Real

It is not necessary to put on a front and pretend to be something you are not. Online, sooner or later, someone who knows the real you will blow your cover, and the response will be devastating. Besides, it’s also easier to keep up with the right personality if there are no pretenses. People can tell when you are being real or not.

Give Them Quality Posts

Nobody likes to be fooled by a promising title and then find that there is no substance when they read it. Your visitors probably will not pay any attention to future posts, and they are apt to spread the word that going to your site is a waste of time. Remember that a message delivered on social media to your “friends” can instantly change the way a lot of people see you. On the other hand, if you develop quality posts then you can be sure that they will be back and spread the good word about you – leading to a much more pleasant experience.

Promote Other Bloggers

Social media responds well when you put in a good word, or link, to another blogger. When you do that, it is quite likely that they will likewise respond, and will promote your site, too. If they do reciprocate, you’ll also likely capture some of their traffic– w whole new audience.

You can also do this with guest bloggers. You can invite them to make post on your site, pay them to do so, or exchange posts on each other’s websites. This will help both of you to get better known and increase your exposure to a broader audience.

Become a Member of Other Blogger Groups

There are many groups of bloggers online. Find ones that you like that are related to your niche and join it. Then add your valuable contributions to their daily conversation and get noticed – the traffic will follow.

Contribute Quality Content

Don’t focus on the hot topic that countless others are blogging or tweeting about; trying something new (but still relevant). This will draw quick attention, and help you to consolidate your position as an authority figure in your niche. With less competition for the topic, you may even “go viral” – if it’s really good…

You can also provide researched answers to questions frequently asked within your niche. People appreciate others who share their knowledge and they will notice who is sharing knowledge that is really useful and authoritative.

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Focus on Quality, Not Making Money

Money is generally a by-product; it is not the main product, which is quality content. Meaningful information, engaging entertainment, actionable advice, etc. If you focus your attention on monetization, at the expense of the core product, you’ll find your earnings slipping. Social media campaigns, like any true venture, require investment. Invest in quality content and the monetization will follow.

Many companies and individuals use social media regularly and are profiting from it. To keep on top of the heap, your techniques will need to constantly change, demanding a a perpetual learning curve. What worked well yesterday is not always guaranteed to work just as well today. The constant addition of new social Websites that are gaining a following fast also demands that you pay attention to what is happening online in order to make the best use of social media.

James Evers has spent years in web development, but focuses on socail media consulting. Mr. Evers crafted this article for EverSpark Interactive, an Atlanta SEO company that focuses on the full suite of web development activities, including using social media effectively.

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