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Using Contextual Advertising On Your Blog (Part II)

Using Contextual Advertising On Your Blog (Part II)

If just recently tuning in I would reccomend checking out Using Contextual Advertising On Your Blog (Part I)

To start off on this post I want to give some suggestions to bloggers who own/author technology blogs. These types of blogs are great to earn a quick buck especially if you know what your talking about. Putting contextual advertising on blogs like these are virtually pain free when it comes to the stress of relevancy because the “gadget” market is always booming. This is not a suggestion to go make a lame tech blog and hopefully make some coin; I am just giving all gadget bloggers a pat on the back due to the fact that they have chosen to blog in an easily monetizable vertical.

Ad Placement Is Important
Ad placement is very important on a blog and can be the most important placement on any website. It can affect the payouts you receive and the way your readers interpret the advertisers. Keeping it simple will most likely earn you a smaller chunk of change but let you keep your users vs. just piling advertisers and relying on social media sites such as digg to provide you with random bursts of traffic. is a perfect example (and is a work in progress of my own).

Two standard yahoo advertisements and an auction-ads banner on the site. As you see the blog isn’t overwhelmed yet as it has 3 advertisements per page. The one problem with that blog is how un-original that placement is. If you really want to make those big bucks off your “barbie doll” blog think up something originality with the advertisements on your blog. This is something I will also post on later.

When NOT to use Adsense
Although I am trying to praise contextual advertising on a blog I would like to let you know of some reasons why NOT to pile adsense on your blog. If blogging about certain grey area categories which happen to involve pictures of half naked ladies I recommend not using adsense or YPN on that blog due to the fact that you will most likely be terminated (and not paid!!) as they are violations of the Terms of Service. So, what to do?

If you happen to be blogging about adult related topics or anything that happens to have a low pay per click payout, OR you happen plain just happen to have ads that you would never click on, I would suggest you that you just do CPM based advertising. As blogs grow and form as a brand CPM rates can be huge and easily sold to huge marketing firms which are not looking for leads or sales, only branding. That is my suggestion to monetize your blog if writing about adult topics, dating, celebrity gossip, and so on.

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In the next post i am going to cover some ways to tweak/increase the payouts you receive from the advertising networks.

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  • I write about music and I have been using Adsense for awhile and it has definitely paid for hosting expenses, etc. I started with simple text ads int he top left corner but now that I have moved from TypePad to WordPress I am experimenting with ad placement on the site.

    Does a subject like music attract low payouts in anybody’s opinion out there? Any suggestions to augment Adsense on a music site?

    Thanks in advance

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