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Using WordPress or Movable Type as a CMS

Using WordPress or Movable Type as a CMS

Want to put either WordPress or Movable Type to good sue as a traditional CMS? There are two posts about this on Devlounge that you really should read:

Yes, the latter one is written by me, and a while back at that, but it is interesting in comparison with Billy’s more recent post.

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  • Yeah, I checked out Drupal and MediaWiki before I settled on WP for my financial website, VCAStocks. The posts there are actually for CMS, while I used the pages as blog-like reports.

    I do think that the plugin strategy is difficult for anyone but a superb programmer to keep in place (which I’m not). I used a lot of custom one-off stuff that would be worthless if I wasn’t also the client.

  • Great DevLounge post. I love working with WordPress (as opposed to Drupal and the like) because the admin interface is so intuitive and easy to use.

    The thing I did like about Drupal is the ability to create true content types (as opposed to using categories to classify posts). Now it’s possible to create content types using the “Pods” WordPress plugin. You may want to check it out — it could prove pretty useful for client sites.

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