What Color Is Your Blogging Spot?

Finally, after years of blogging in the corner of a one bedroom apartment, I will be moving into an office. It will be a pleasure not to no longer be distracted by my wife’s phone conversations or reality TV obsession.

While I still need to figure out where to put my desk, how to set up the computer and how to optimize Feng Shui, first I need to decide what color to paint it.

RED is out because it can raise blood pressure, create heat and stimulate anger and rage.

ORANGE is optimistic, but too much can cause frustration and irritability. And I’ve got enough of that to go around.

YELLOW is said to stimulate the brain and increase one’s thirst for knowledge. I like the way that sounds, but I simply don’t love yellow.

is both refreshing and cleansing, bringing about calmness. Sounds good. But this sustainability-mania is forcing the color down all of our throats.

BLUE can be peaceful or depressing, depending on the shade. It can help anxiety and reduce the volume of phlegm. Bonus!

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PURPLE can have a spiritual effect. But God probably doesn’t care what color I paint the office.

What color is your blogging location and what color do you think I should go with?

After researching all of these colors, I’m back to white!

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