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Why Having Multiple Blogs is a Better Strategy for Monetization

Why Having Multiple Blogs is a Better Strategy for Monetization

It seems everyone has a blog these days and you can most definitely find a number of them for any given topic, no matter how obscure it may seem. For some, blogging is a great way to express themselves online and for others, it is an ideal way to earn a legitimate income. (Why do you blog?)

There are many reasons one may choose to have multiple blogs online.

Multiple Interests – It may be that you have multiple interests and choose to have different blogs to express and monetize them based on different topics. For example many people have careers and hobbies, each of which is entirely different from the other. It could be website development and crocheting or perhaps plant care and business solutions. In both examples the interests are completely different allowing you to attract a different audience.

Easy to Rank
– Ranking a niche blog for a particular keyword is comparatively easier than trying to rank a general blog. As the niche blog will be more relevant in the eyes of search engines.

Easy to Generate Income– You can’t achieve overnight results from a blog. It takes a lot of time and effort to build a considerable following to a single blog that can generate good revenues. With multiple blogs, you can achieve the same goal by combing the low traffic of all blogs. For e.g.- If a blog with low traffic is making $50 or more dollars per week only on the basis of its content. You can see the impact 10 blogs would have.

Monetization is probably the number one reason people start multiple blogs, but it is not without work. Anyone who has a blog knows that it must be maintained regularly. In order for your blog to be successful, it must provide readers with new content regularly or they will go elsewhere to find it. If you are a good writer, this may come easy for you, but if you do particularly enjoy the task, it may become more work than you had expected. If you can image all the work for one blog, then imagine that tenfold.

There are some easy ways to overcome this challenge of creating regular content. Let’s explore them.

Create In Batches – It is much easier for some bloggers to create a large amount of content at once and then set it to distribute over time. This can easily be done with the use of scheduling tools which are built into almost every blogging platform. Take one or two days to create content and then schedule it throughout the week or month. Your visitors receive regular updates and you can free yourself up to do other work on off days.

Hire a Content Writer – If you are more concerned with making money than writing, you may want to hire a content writer to create your blog content for you. Content writers will provide blog posts based on your topics or keywords and then forward them to you or post them directly to your blog. Their fees are usually modest and you can usually work out bulk pricing for steady work.

Use PLR Content – PLR (Private Label Rights) content is content which has already been created for mass distribution. You may be able to find packs of 50 or so article on your topic which you can then use ‘as is’ or rework to give it more of your voice. Since the mass of the content is already done for you, this can save a load of time.

Use Syndicated Content – Article directories are chock full or high quality written content on a wide variety of topics. Many of these sites allow you to syndicate the articles on your own site so long as you maintain the original links within the article. This is a great way to add content to your blog without very much work. Check out Demand Studios which recently gobbleed up BlogBurst.

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There are additional benefits to having multiple blogs aside from monetization. Having a network of blogs allows you to cross promote to a larger audience. This may help you to attract new visitors to other blogs and drive up your authority and rank.

You can also link between the blogs to gain some very valuable link juice which the search engines love. Just be careful with this technique as many of the search engines, especially Google, tend to penalize blog networks who abuse cross linking.

There are a variety of reasons to have multiple blogs, but monetization seems to be king. If your goal is to gain a monthly income, then that is the way to go. Just remember, the more blogs you have, the more work you have, unless you outsource it.

Guest bio: Patsy works for, a Dubai web design company providing complete web design and application development solutions in Middle East.

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