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Why I am Worried About the Facebook Redesign

Why I am Worried About the Facebook Redesign

Many people are complaining about the new Facebook design. I am worried about it, but not because of the reasons most people are saying …

Actually the reason I am worried is because I like the change.

I like it because it brings Facebook more in line with Twitter.

Why is this a problem?

I’m worried I am going to have to seriously start using Facebook rather than dip in and out a couple of times a week!

  1. I might start using it more because I like it more, which takes up more time out of my week
  2. Facebook is evilly non-productive if you let it, what with all the applications, games and viral thingies
  3. If people think like me we might see even more people return or try the service, which adds to the draw
  4. More Facebook use means more activity, which means more spam

I already block every application that people invite me to or with. I leave groups that spam me. Still I struggle to make my Facebook time productive.

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Don’t get me wrong, I like interacting, and even more now with the new design, but really I wish the new design was as bad as people were saying so I had a reason to close my account and never return! :)

Are you using Facebook more now?

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  • I like the change but I am still trying to avoid it. Many of my friends are posting the same things on twitter and on facebook so it seems redundant.

  • All of my friends encourage me to join the I HATE THE NEW FACEBOOK revolution. But seriously, I haven’t been on Facebook long enough to know the difference between the old and the new!

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