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Why it Pays to Personalize

Why it Pays to Personalize

Do you personalize your blog? Personalization is a common theme in marketing, in a “Hi Firstname” way, but seldom outside of personal blogs, do people think about how they can personalize their content.

What do I mean by personalizing your content? I mean adding more of your self, some of your personality, into your writing and presentation.

This is because you are your main source of uniqueness. If everything on your blog can be found everywhere else in your niche, why should someone choose to read you?

  • Use anecdotes and stories from your own experience.
  • Draw cartoons, even if you are not a particularly good artist. Doodles are a fun way to draw your readers eye.
  • Create video and audio so people can see and hear you.
  • Have a great about page that shows the person behind the words.
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  • For me, personalization was important when I was creating The Original Copy Shop. I began by writing an About Me page that tells readers just who they are dealing with. From there, I designed a cartoon representation of myself to include in the header. Yeah, it’s not as personal as a picture, but I like it. Next, when it comes to content I make sure to write every post so that it has my own unique style. It is in each of these ways that I personalize my blog and set myself, and my site, apart from all of the others out there on the Internet.

  • Personalising your blog is a good way to help your readers get to know you better as well as making your blog different from someone else. Its important to have an about me page, this way you are able to introduce people to your blog and tell them about yourself and what your blog is about.

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