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Why You Should Add an FAQ to Your Blog

Why You Should Add an FAQ to Your Blog

By now you’ve probably realized that a lot of your Web traffic is unexpected. By that I’m talking about the many people who stumble upon your blog in unexpected ways. Whether it’s a random page that has been crawled and ranked well by Google – or some random niche site picking up and promoting one of your links.

When people land on your blog, you should not assume that they will hit your homepage or the landing page you have put so much effort into. That’s why it might be time to consider an FAQ.

I’ve been spending a lot of time defining what exactly my blog is and who it targets. During the process, I’ve realized that I have taken for granted that people will ‘get it.’

An “About Us’ page is important to answer important questions, but you also don’t want to get too long-winded. That’s why an FAQ page, though it might sound very ‘last decade,’ makes perfect sense. You get a chance to get more detailed, without eating into other valuable real estate.

Among the questions it’s important to answer:

Who are you?

What are you blogging about?

Who is the blog primarily for?

How frequently do you blog?

What makes you an expert?

Do you accept advertising?

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Will you accept pay-for-play?

Are you associated with any other blogs?

Are there any other blogs you recommend?

Do you employ an FAQ on your blog? Is it something you would consider?

Help us round out the list of important questions to answer by leaving a comment below.

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  • It’s an interesting suggestion, Andrew. I can see wthere the About page is a bit too complex whereas this can be very snappy.

    Do you think everything needs to be reduced to bite size chunks though in this way? Are we in danger of limiting our blogs?

    I’m curious to see some examples of FAQs like this in blogs. Got any links to share?

  • I’ve thought about a FAQ but not sure if I have enough info for one. I have the normal navigation links. Maybe when I need to include more links in my navigation menu I’ll condense everything into a FAQ to save space.

  • I agree everyone is curious! Then again if they read more of your posts they will get a better picture of just who you are and what your passions are.

  • Hi Andrew. I think this is an idea worth considering. People who have high traffic blogs get lots of emails asking the same questions over and over again. Having a FAQ makes it easier for the readers to answer quick questions and puts less stress for the host of the blog. Thanks for sharing this.

  • I have a FAQ on my blog as it’s an easy way for vistors to quickly understand the site. I love your question about recommending other blogs. That’s a great idea that I’ll insert this week!

    Here are some important questions I included on my FAQ that are not on your list.

    * Help, the “Follow Me” and “Get Fed” buttons do not work!
    * How do I share a YRP post with my colleagues and friends?
    * Do the links inside a post contain affiliate ad links that benefit YRP?
    * Real Estate is my niche too, can I be a guest blogger?
    {YRP = Your Realty Portal}

    Thanks for this great post Andrew!

    @Jon – You can view my FAQ at (however, I’m not saying it’s a perfect example).

  • Hi Andrew,

    That’s really great information about the inclusion of a FAQ page on one’s blog. I’m definitely going to look into this as I see it as a great way to provide useful content to my website visitors.

  • Excellent post. I have been thinking of adding another page to my blog’s top tool bar to accompany ABOUT and CONTACT, but I couldn’t come up with a short title to include info on ads, partners, etc. FAQ is perfect. I am sure it will catch on if it has not already. Going to work on adding the page right now.

    Thanks for the suggestion, and keep them coming!

  • Having an FAQ page on your blog could help if you get a lot of visitors to your site, especially if they are always asking you questions which you could answer with an FAQ page.

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