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Will Obama Continue to Embrace Social Networking While In Office?

Will Obama Continue to Embrace Social Networking While In Office?

People are still debating why Barack Obama won the 2008 presidential election. It could be that he was the most qualified American citizen for the job. It could be that the country’s desperation for change outweighed everything else. It could be that he had a sick amount of cash at his disposal. Whatever the reason, one thing is crystal clear: Barack Obama and the Democrats leveraged technology like never before. They brilliantly tapped into text-messaging, e-mail, and social networking to build a base, raise money and spread ‘brand’ awareness.

In the midst of a tech revolution, it was only a matter of time for someone to take social networking beyond searching for EX-girlfriends.

Now that the election is over and the goal of an Obama White House has been met, what will happen to the president-elect’s online presence?

I’d like to hear your thoughts. Here are a few options to get you started. Do you think…

– Obama supporters will abandon their profile pages and unsubscribe from blogs.

– Obama supporters should expect their accounts to be blitzed with messages from future Dem candidates.

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– Obama supporters will continue regular use of these sites. They will discuss meaningful issues, continue to donate money, and become the very agents of change they wished for.

Another thing to think about is how Obama will use technology when he is living on Pennsylvania Avenue. Will his State of the Union addresses break ratings records because supporters get a reminder on their iPhone app? Will the president’s administration use this same technology to continue two-way dialogue? We sure hope so. We now open the floor to you…

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  • Personally, I would love to see Obama send out a tweet that said something like this “Just inserted key, getting ready to press the red button”.

  • Hi!

    I believe he’s going to maintain and nurture this bound with his electorate because he can’t afford to let this asset go away. Just like in IM you maintain this relationship between you and your subscribers because you expect them to buy the product you believe will help them in their businesses. Eventually in 4 years he’ll be running again for office, so it would be unwise and suicidal to forget the people he committed to his presidential election and come back to them in 2012 just because he’s running for office again!. Social marketing is here to stay for ever! ven in politics…



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