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50 Blogging Tips From the Experts

50 Blogging Tips From the Experts

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As of 2014, an estimated 6.7 million people blog via “traditional” blogging platforms. Think WordPress and Blogger among others.

This number has surely grown since the survey was done, with bloggers in every niche popping up like mushroom after the rain. We can’t deny that there are a lot of talented new bloggers today, but with the blogosphere already so crowded, it is crucial to find that special sauce that will give you an edge over everyone else in your niche.

That’s where the experts come into the picture.

The guys from Your Escape From 9 to 5, have created an infographic that provides 50 expert blogging tips from people who’ve “been there, done that”. They may have only entered the blogging scene (relatively) recently, they have had a lot of success, so they’re definitely good role models.

From simple (maybe no brainer for some) tips such as getting a professional domain to conducting webinars and interviews (which is not always an easy task for bloggers), you’ll pick up at least one useful idea from this list.

While you may already know some of these expert blogging tips, you never know if that single tip that you didn’t know will be the thing that turns the tides in your favor.

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Here you go.

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  • Thanks for your excellent article. But what you have provided at below posts of the content expert blogging tips is accuse an error..So please rectify it and provide expert blogging tips……

  • These are very useful tips. But as a beginner these 50 may not be required. First of all one should realize the power of blogging & the importance of self hosting with a custom domain name.

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