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Bloggertalks interviews Muhammad Saleem

Bloggertalks interviews Muhammad Saleem

Bloggertalks interviews our own Muhammad Saleem:

Would you ever recommend any bloggers out there submitting their own content to Digg or Netscape (or any others) to boost their own traffic? And any thoughts about joining communities to ‘€œspike’€? your votes?

What I would like to say is that ‘€œif the content is good enough, you won’€™t need to spike votes and it will naturally rise above the rest,’€? but what I am seeing more and more is that people are voting without actually reading the articles, and marking articles as spam or duplicates or lame, without even reading the articles. I was just talking to a top 30 digger and he said that he actually has a screenshot of digg/spy of dozens of his stories marked as spam/dupe/lame in a row. Someone clearly went to his profile and mass buried his content.

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  • This interview is a great bucket of cold water for all of the so-called “social bookmarking” sites. At Syntagma, we’ve never allowed our authors to use them. It should be standard practice in the commercial networking world, I humbly suggest.

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