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Dr Elwyn Jenkins responds to the Register

Dr Elwyn Jenkins responds to the Register

A funny thing happened in the Blogosphere last week: Dave Winer came out in defence of Australian based blogger Dr Elwyn Jenkins of Microdoc news after an attack from the UK based The Register. In an article on a Google bug, the UK e-mag that touts itself as “biting the hand that feeds IT” labelled Dr Jenkins a spammer in a seemingly targeted way, in a story that was essentially unrelated to Dr Jenkins. Always interested in the opinion of Dave Winer, we also discovered Google-watch accusing Dr Jenkins of flawed research techniques and implying that he was responsible for the down fall of Standard Reserve, a failed online currency experiment. We contacted Dr Jenkins for comment, and in an Exclusive, unedited interview he responds to his high profile critics.

Blog Herald (BH): Your involvement with Standard Reserve; some have accused you of being behind the downfall of Standard Reserve, your thoughts?
Dr Jenkins (DJ): The failure of Standard Reserve is due entirely, in my opinion and in most other people in the know, to an investor, Mr Jack Jones, a retired Delta pilot who passed himself off as a businessman but was little more than a slick conman. Through Jack Jones Standard Reserve was to have received a USD2m investment. There was a signed contract to that effect and there was a definite date for its payment into Standard Reserve. We always knew that the major investment of Standard Reserve was an investment in software development of which we obtained quotes and knew exactly the cost. We began investing in software development on the strength of a signed investment contract.

It was solely Mr Jack Jones who, having previous investments made in the British Virgin Islands, who induced the management and staff of Standard Reserve to move to the British Virgin Islands. It was Jack Jones who arranged an insurance deal that bled Standard Reserve dry of funds, and it was Jack Jones who arranged to have his buddy in the British Virgin Islands to receive a monthly fee which Standard Reserve could never afford. We were badly advised by Jack Jones, on the strength that a $2m investment was there to be had on moving to the British Virgin Islands from Atlanta Georgia. The investment never came. Jack Jones paid into the business a mere couple of hundred thousand, and we believe he pocketed the $2m himself.

As far as cons go, this one deserves to have its own film — like the latest film Matchstick Men and Catch Me If You Can. Everything we did was in the full knowledge of Mr Jack Jones — and that was where the problem lay. The authorities in the British Virgin Islands questioned the insurance deal which was in fact illegal according to British Virgin Island laws — in my opinion, one of the reasons Jack Jones locked the doors on Standard Reserve, stole my personal belongings, and chased us off the Island of Tortola was because we exposed his illegal activities on the Island. We have been physically scared because of the actions that Mr Jack Jones silenced us with including the orchestrated death threats we received by phone, the orchestrated email spamming of my personal email box, bogus court cases and other activities that we believe to be the work of Jack Jones. In the last meeting of Directors, Mr Jack Jones personally threatened me, which we believe was to silence us from telling the real story.
BH: The Register has accused you of being a spammer, soon to be an illegal activity here is Australia, do you use email marketing, to what extent, and what do you say to those allegations?
DJ: I detest email marketing and will not use it for any purpose for any business or activity in my control. You will not find an email in my name or any other business name that has been generated by an automated machine. I do not buy email lists, and I do not send out unwanted emails. Any email people receive from me is personally written, and personally delivered.
BH: Google-watch accuses you of propagating link farms and criticises your research techniques, would you say this was fair, and if not, why?
DJ: Google-watch has never contacted me, nor has he done his homework. A reading of the articles on Microdoc News clearly states the reasons for each and every activity of Microdoc News. I do not have link farms. Second, you cannot construe that there are links farms on any of my domains. Third, I am on record clearly in several forums where as soon as I discover an action of mine is against common online decency to turn it off. Search through and see for yourself. True, I have tested the edges of what enables people to get listed in Google easily and quickly, and yes, I have tested to see where the point of getting on the wrong side of Google is, and yes, I have tested to see how one can recover from that. I now have a very good practical understanding of exactly where the boundaries are and how to best get a business up and running online using paid and unpaid advertising methods which actually work. I have always been up-front with everything that Microdoc News is doing and have come up with some excellent scoops over the time and have gained a good deal of attention to the cause of building good quality content for the Internet.
BH: Tell us more about what your goals are and what it is you are aiming to achieve with Microdoc, and blogging in general
DJ: Microdoc News is about building good quality content for and about the Internet. I have advocated a strong philosophy of online activity. A good quality blogging site, or a good quality website, is one that has fresh material each day, is quality information for which there is an online market, and which adds to the value people can obtain from obtaining information for real living through the Internet. I am personally encouraging people to build real sites that have real information to add to the value of the Internet. Ultimately, good quality information costs money to produce and so there is a need to build models of supporting that content creation. Thus my interest in nano publishing. There are perhaps more than ten different nano publishing activities on the Internet today that have been influenced and built their sites with quality information through the studies of Microdoc News.

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  • Lis all lies. Jenkins is a fraud and DID DEFRAUDS Standard Transactions and ruint many peoples’ lives – he also owes maxecommerce over $300000. He ruint Standard Reserve too. Their are lots of folk in Atlanta GA after Jenkins blood coz he theived them too. He also is selling a fake cancer cure in AUstralia. Just do a google search on “elwyn jenkins” and read all about his B.S.

  • No court case has been effected against myself or my wife at any time by the Directors (ex-Directors) of Standard Reserve. They know they have no leg to stand on as what I have stated about Jack Jones is the truth. Robert Bozetto is/was an employee of Mr John Ray who was working with Standard Reserve in establishing an Australian Office. The only organization who owes money to Mr John Ray is Standard Reserve — and it was Mr Jack Jones who defrauded us all.

  • I knew Loryn Jenkins, Elwyn’s son, and by his own admission both he and his father were sued over the bankruptcy and shenanigans that happened at Standard Reserve. I stayed in contact with Loryn by email for some time after the bankruptcy and he told me this during that time. I didn’t break contact with him until I fully came to believe that he was a crooked as I believe his father to be….

    I, as a newbie to computing at the time, was a part of of Standard Transactions. I worked as a sort of junior systems admin on the IIS server, database server, and firewall. I was employed there for a period of around 18 months.

    The story that was told me to by Loryn was that Elwyn went to Nigeria to get gold to keep Standard Transactions afloat and that he was defrauded of a quarter of a million dollars. However, as I came to know later, at that point the company had already been emptied of funds by commingling customer funds with company operating funds.

    Even at that time Nigeria was a well-known source of financial scams so anyone who claims to be as internet savvy as Elwyn and Loryn had to know anything to do with Nigeria was a scam…. If they didn’t, well, what does that say about their online smarts…. And, if that’s simply a cover story told to me why did they need to tell me a cover story when the truth would have helped maintain trust between us? Nothing of the situation rings true.

    As employees we were constantly told that the debit card companies that Standard Transactions used to make funds available to its customers were at fault for all the problems with money transfers to cards because we were constantly having to deal with angry customers who couldn’t withdraw their money. We were told time and again that the process was breaking down on the side of Mastercard and Visa, that they had very buggy software. These stories were told to us to cover for the fact that Standard Transactions coffers were empty by both Loryn and Elwyn. It wasn’t until the last couple of weeks of Standard Transactions existance that I really figured out what was going on. At that time I was instructed to as to what transactions listed in the database to manually make available for transfer to the Mastercard people. That’s when I realized that what I have been being told for the past few weeks and months had been nothing but half-truths and outright lies.

    In the last few months of operations all employees were required to attend seminars on the east coast of the US that were supposed to teach the employees how to be honest, accomplish their goals in life, etc…. Standard Transactions flew their employees to these seminars knowing they were broke. Were customer funds used to fund these these expensive jaunts for company employees? I can’t prove it but I’d almost have to assume they were as they were a major expense and there was little if any money coming into the company and all expenses related to these jaunts were paid for by the company.

    As to Elwyn’s claims that Standard Transactions was set up as a way to do software develpment, well, as someone who was close to his son at that time, or thought so anyway as he and I had been in constant contact for more than year before Standard Transactions/Standard Resever existed, I was not aware that Standard Transactions purpose for existence was for software development. As a person and as an employee I was told that Standard Transactions existed to pioneer a new way to do business, i.e. electronic gold along the same lines as egold and that this was the decades-long dream of Elwyn Jenkins…. This was how the entire concept was introduced to me by Loryn, who posed as someone claiming to be my friend. This was also documented on the Standard Transactions USA website, of which I have a complete copy of all the html pages of one the very last versions which I downloaded during the course of doing my job previous to the systems rebuild we did during the last week after we were supposedly “hacked”, if Elwyn want’s to dispute the fact that the website never even mentioned software development as the focus of the company. If software development was truly the focus of Standard Transactions and Standard Reserve then the public and employees were mislead from the start….

    Am I bitter? Yeah. I feel I was lied to. I was made a part of something which defrauded a lot of people, and the story told by Elwyn in this interview doesn’t match up with the stories told to me by Loryn. I’m bothered by all of this as I don’t like being a part of someone being defrauded. I can also say I stayed in contact with several of the Standard Transactions employees for a year or two after the whole Standard Transactions debacle ended and to a person none of them believed in Elwyn Jenkins innocence.

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