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Interview: Rambix and the Red Star

Interview: Rambix and the Red Star

Yesterday, we featured Rambix & the Red Star in our popular “How I Blog” series. Today, he sets down at the virtual table for an interview.

Why target the Minneapolis Star-Tribune (aka The Red Star)?

I’€™ve touched on that earlier, but they are the elephant in the living room; the self-styled urban flagship purporting to represent Minneapolis and Minnesota. They have, however, been so sissified and politically corrected that they have no further redeeming social value.

Do you hate Minneapolis?

I love Minneapolis; I’€™ve lived in Minneapolis for years, on and off. That’€™s why I do what I do. I wouldn’€™t write about it if I hated it. I want it fixed brought back into civilized society, as it once had been.

Where do your sources come from?

The blog has tapped a wellspring of pent-up frustration by good, solid, everyday people who want the truth in their crime reporting. Many people had no idea what was happening on their block, in their neighborhood, or in their city until Rambix and the Red Star put the pieces together into a more cohesive picture. People can’€™t believe someone is actually getting the news to them that they’€™ve been looking for. The feedback I get is tremendous. Because of this, I get numerous tips from a lot of readers, and they are often way ahead of the MSM.

Who are my influences?

My unofficial blogging mentor is Tracy Eberly of Anti-Strib, a smart, unapologetic “collective” blog for which I am also a part-time contributor. Tracy founded Anti-Strib on his own to success, but eventually added contributors ranging from right-of-center to left-of-center perspective, resulting in a very readable, interesting blog that isn’t afraid to challenge ideas whether from the right or left. I love reading smart people, so my daily reads will invariably include “local” blogs Fraters Libertas, Shot In The Dark, Kennedy vs. The Machine, Power Line, and others. Of course, these people are talented enough that they are read worldwide, but they originate in the Twin Cities area. Every one of them have been supportive of my efforts in one way or another, and I greatly appreciate that. I learn a lot about blogging from each of these writers; most of them should be paid to write what they do, but I think they do it out of a passion to make a difference, and it shows.

How much time do you spend blogging?

Probably too much, about 1-2 hours a day, including “research”, maybe more if a big crime story hits. At this point I’m enjoying myself so much that it’s not a problem – I just get less sleep!

How about your personal background & philosophy?

I blog anonymously because I feel I can be more politically incorrect if need be simply because of the issues I tackle. Unless you’re a criminal in Minneapolis, I’m generally respectful of people I write about. I have no respect or pity for the violent thugs who are bent on destroying the lives of good people. I’m sometimes hard on liberals, but what do they expect?

I currently blog from the Minneapolis area, but don’t live in the city any longer. I took my family out a couple years ago when the city really started to slide. We’re much happier now and honestly feel safer. I have a young child who will now go to a good school.

I haven’t completely given up on the city, but am close to doing so. Nothing will change until they celebrate the diversity of politics, which won’t happen anytime soon.

What’€™s next for Rambix?

More of the same, because there’€™s an insatiable appetite to fill for the crime news that the MSM won’€™t publish, without being handcuffed by political correctness, or constrained by multiculturalism. I’€™ll stop when Minneapolis and the Twin Cities get the violence under control and there’€™s nothing left to report, or when the MSM throws off their shackles and gives us some real crime news.

Thanks again to Rambix for taking the time to sit down with us and grace our pages!

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