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Interviews and your fifteen minutes of fame

Interviews and your fifteen minutes of fame

We’re looking for interesting & off-the-wall bloggers to interview here at The Blog Herald.

For example, we’ll soon be posting an interview, perhaps an interview series, with the anonymous author of Rambix & the Red Star, a Minneapolis, Minnesota based blog that tracks the crime epidemic that is striking Minneapolis – a town located not far from our own Minnesota headquarters.

Rambix has a great story to share and has definately been able to rattle our local & state government. He’s exactly the sort of blogger we’re looking to profile here on The Blog Herald.

Think you’re worthy – or know someone who is?

Drop us a note at tips [at] blogmedia [dot] biz with your ideas.

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  • Seeing as the guy also writes for my blog and I’ve never met him, I’m damned curious to read his interview.

  • Hey Matt,

    Why not interview Aaron? Last week he was asking if anyone wanted to interview him over at Technosailor…
    Just thought I would mention it. I don’t think there would be any conflict of interest.


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