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Michael Pick Interviewed at BloggerTalks

Michael Pick Interviewed at BloggerTalks

Video blogging guru Michael Pick of fame was recently interviewed by our very own Franky Branckaute at BloggerTalks.

We had the opportunity to work with Michael when he produced videos for Tubetorial, and all I can say is this guy is top rate!

As for the interview, Michael shuns the blog rockstar title and discusses how the move from Tokyo to Sapporo has done much to improve productivity (more snow meant less trips to the pub). He also shares how he likes the visual medium more than writing text and how he thinks better of being a trailblazer at your own niche rather than copying ideas that have already been done before.

Be a specialist in something, an obsessive, otaku, fixation level specialist. The world is full of generalists trying to sell magic beans or regurgitate the same echo chamber garbage. In short – if there’s plenty of information out there on how to get started at what you’re planning to do, you’re probably too late. The lazy way is to try and emulate – it feels low risk, but chase the stuff going on at the edges and I think the chances of making it big are much higher. The world needs more blogs about where to buy toenail clippings, obscure Japanese sound systems, and authentic victorian erotica. Not TechCrunch II.

And as any content produce–be it writing or producing videos–would advice: be sure you come up with top quality content, or else languish in mediocrity.

I get tired of seeing average bloggers jumping on video and becoming… sub-average video bloggers. I mean, making video you can’t hear, can barely see, and in need of an hour less of content. Don’t do video because it’s trending. Shit video is shit video, just as shit blogging is shit blogging. And people are far less willing to sit through bad video than they are to skim a semi-literate blog post. In both cases, there are resources out there – free ones – that make a whole lot of difference – but lazy video makers stick out even further than lazy bloggers.

Read more of Franky and Michael’s lively exchange at BloggerTalks.

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  • wordpress tv has been extremely helpful to me since I moved over to blogging on wordpress. Good article.

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