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Could the MingleStick Change Blogger Conferences?

Could the MingleStick Change Blogger Conferences?

minglestick-by-mingle360I recently spoke with Bradley Blinn, Chief Officer of Sales and Marketing at Mingle360 (Twitter: @mingle360). Here’s what he had to say about the way his company’s MingleStick could change the way bloggers meet and mingle at blogging conferences and trade shows.

In what ways are blogging and the MingleStick similar?

It’s all about connection. A blog connects the author with its readers. The “connection device” is the article itself. In a similar way, our MingleStick product connects two people together. The MingleStick is a physical device that enables two people to connect with a simple press of a button. The MingleStick has proven itself to be great event technology within the convention and tradeshow industry.

What are some blogging conferences at which the Mingle Stick might help attendees?

The MingleStick has applicability at any type of conference. If attendees are networking with other attendees or talking with exhibitors, a great opportunity exists for the MingleStick solution. Mingle360 would love to work with a few of the top conferences in the world. We can help these blogging conferences create a unique and memorable experience for their attendees.

How could the MingleStick benefit blog conference attendees as opposed to attendees of other kinds of events?

I believe bloggers could realize immediate results by way of using a MingleStick at a conference. A blogger could use their MingleStick to help grow their readership. The blogger would tell a person “if you mingle with me, I’ll add you to my blog.” This is a great way to proactively and aggressively build your readership. I see the MingleStick as a great marketing tool for the blogging industry.

Here’s a video showing the MingleStick in computer-animated action (link).

Thanks to Bradley for this interview and information about the MingleStick. I think it’s an ingenious way to fight business card wallet bloat while improving the effectiveness of bloggers’ networking efforts.

What’s your reaction? Do you think the MingleStick has the potential to disrupt the way you meet and mix with other bloggers at offline events? What questions do you have for Bradley and the gang at Mingle360?

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