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Paul Scrivens And The Pimp Book

Paul Scrivens And The Pimp Book

Paul “Scrivs” Scrivens is perhaps best known for being one of the triad behind 9rules. If you thought that running the popular blog networks was all that the 9rulers did, you either didn’t pay attention, or you just don’t care. Either way, the guy known as Scrivs has plans, and they include an ebook on women as well as establishing brands online.

The ebook is called The Guidelines Vol. 1 and is released under the Forever : Pimp brand. While that might or might not excite you, the pre-ordering concept probably will. In true Radiohead manner, you pick your price. Or almost at least, you can pre-order the book, which will cost $29.95 on May 19, for as little as $5, or as much as $50 (which includes a t-shirt). I like this price structure, and naturally I got in touch with Scrivs to talk a little bit about his plans.

What’s in store for the Forever : Pimp site and brand? More books? Something else?

I like that you asked about the brand because that is the focus. 9rules taught me a lot about the power of a strong brand and what you can do with it, so along with my other projects I am going to place a heavy emphasis on the brand so if I choose to I can take it beyond the web I can. I have already set up a t-shirt shop and I can see the brand expanding to television and beyond. Who knows, maybe there will be Forever : Pimp condoms and massage oils in the near future (one can dream right?).

There will definitely be another book and that is why right now it is called The Guidelines, Vol. 1. I am not sure how many volumes there will be, but since the focus is on sex, love, women and relationships I could probably go 1000 volumes deep and still not run out of content.

As for the site, a new guideline will be posted every weekday (so make sure to subscribe to the feed) and I might add forums and other features once the community starts to build up. As for now I am keeping it simple so I can manage one thing at a time. There is plenty of opportunity for community interaction by leaving your opinions on each guideline so I think that is a good starting point.

You’ve got something of a network of your own building up under the Emersian brand. Is there a masterplan here?

Ha, you are implying that I am smart enough to actually come up with a plan. I have no intention of building another network as I have done in the past, but I guess if you own more than one site you have no choice but to call it a network. I am under the belief that to be really good at something you have to stick to that one thing, but in this case I have three interests and that is why eventually you will see three main sites from me. These will be BullieBoard!, Forever : Pimp and YoScrivs! (coming soon).

These sites combine my three favorite things in life: going out, women, and of course my own life. I guess I do have a master plan, since I can see how they will all complement each other in the long run, but it is not readily apparent now to the public. There is a 4th site that will be coming out as well, but it’s more of a hands-off site so I don’t place it in this group.

Why should someone buy The Guidelines Vol 1?

You know when you go out with your friends and you talk about women or the relationship you are in? The talk doesn’t sound like you are on Oprah or as if someone is preaching to you, it is simply real talk. I am not a relationship or love guru. I can’t tell you the definite (free) ways to get laid tonight. What I can share is some guidelines that seem to work with me over time and my experiences in my short 28 years.

You aren’t reading a book that a publisher wanted to edit to make it a reference book, you are reading a book that you want to take with you to the bathroom. You are reading a book where you and your friends get to sit around the table with a couple of beers and laugh at how stupid I have been in my lifetime, only to realize you have made the same mistakes.

If anything buy the book so you can understand why someone is always waiting outside my house to kill me.

The Guidelines Vol. 1What are your hopes, and prognosis, for the sales of this book?

Well I’ve never sold anything that I created on my own so I have no idea how the process works. When I go out I know what type of women I want to talk to because I have done it before. When I get into a relationship I know what my hopes are because I have done it before. Selling a book though? Hell, I don’t know anything about that. I am hoping to sell 10 because then at least I know what I can build off of. After that I like to think it gets a little bit easier.

Oh who am I kidding? I hope to sell a million, get on the New York Times, interview with Oprah, party at the Playboy mansion and get knighted by the Queen herself. I don’t think that is asking too much.

That’s more like it! How transparent will you be with this project, as in terms of how it does and such?

I have always been a fan of sharing what happens with my projects with the public, but lets be honest. If I only sell 1 book who wants to share that information on how they failed? Over time when I am able to look back and analyze what I did right and wrong I will definitely share it with everyone, but I probably won’t do up to the minute stats on what is going on since that takes away from me actually focusing on what to improve.

Of course if I start off hot right out the gate I might have to brag just a little bit so for transparency’s sake lets hope that happens!

Be sure to check out the Forever : Pimp site, including the blog, and pre-order the book if it is something that suits you. Remember, if you pre-order you can pay either more or less than the asking price when the book’s actually released.

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