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Quick Interview: Matt Mullenweg on the Commercial GPL Themes

Quick Interview: Matt Mullenweg on the Commercial GPL Themes

There is a page on that promotes a select few premium theme marketplaces, as we reported yesterday. The only criteria is that the themes need to be GPL and provide professional support a well as give a professional impression.

I caught up with Matt Mullenweg for some quick questions about this via email. This is what he had to say.

Why did the new page get created?

To promote people doing the right thing.

Matt also tells me that there are no plans yet on how to develop this page, nor are there any plans for hosting commercial GPL themes in the WordPress directory. The latter would be great since it would allow updates through the admin interface for the users.

What about commercial plugins, any chance of them getting the same treatment?

Commercial plugins are already seamlessly integrated with the plugin directory.

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions, Matt.

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  • Creating a new commercial themes directory that is separate from the free themes repository is not the same as a all-in-one plugin repository Matt. You need to rethink this one.

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