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Twingly Launches BlogRank, Says it is Trust

Twingly Launches BlogRank, Says it is Trust

TwinglySwedish spam free blog search engine Twingly has announced the Twingly Blog Rank and Top 100. The former is a ranking system similar to Google PageRank, but for blogs, while the latter is a top 100 list for blogs, similar to Technorati. Or is it? Anton Johansson said this to me in an email this morning.

What’s the purpose of the Twingly BlogRank? Don’t you think that Technorati does a good enough job?

The purpose of Twingly BlogRank is to get a more valuable way to see if a blog has influence and importance. In many ways this is like Googles PageRank but only for blogs. Technorati is really good on what they’re doing but they have no international focus. If you’re from Sweden you want to be the no 1 in Sweden with BlogRank 10, not no 2612 international. BlogRank is based on language so the largest Swedish blogs get BlogRank 10 and the largest English blogs BlogRank 10, too. It’s quite easy to see at Twingly Top 100.

Technorati Authority is just a number that don’t say so much. Twingly BlogRank is trust.

Anton JohanssonCould you explain the ranking system a bit more in-depth? What is valued more/less, and how will you protect it from being played?

We actually want people to start play with it a bit. It’s given us activity and engaging users who like Twingly. But of course, we have our methods. Our spam-free blog search is probably one of the best things we could do, it’s easier for us than anyone else to get value out of our index without having so much crap. The ranking system overall is mostly based on inlinks and “likes” (registered users could “like” blog posts in our search) among many other things.

Indeed, having national top 100 lists, and an international one is a pretty nice touch. In my opinion, Technorati has forgotten all about the fact that not all bloggers are in the English blogosphere. Here in Sweden you seldom see Technorati links at all, and the ones who run them probably does so because they’ve read a tip on some international blog somewhere. We’ve got more living, similar, services geared at the Swedish blogosphere only.

Check out the Twingly Top 100 lists, as well as check your Twingly BlogRank, found on your blog profile at Twingly (search, and then click the Profile link in the results). The Blog Herald clocks in at 6 at the moment:

Twingly BlogRank

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  • The problem with the site is that its data is highly inaccurate. Our blog puts out at least one post per day and it’s telling me that our blog puts out a post every two days or so. Its also missing a few inbound links. Before I give the service any credence, they need to get their data correct.

  • Hi Joshua,

    If a blog don’t ping us frequently we can’t be sure of indexing everything. It’s actually not possible. Do you want your blog profile and your blog to be indexed correct you have to ping us, otherwise we might index your posts sometimes but probably not always.

    Best regards,

    Anton Johansson,

  • Talk about customer service! I appreciate the feedback, Anton, and will add you to my list of ping services. That said, perhaps you guys could distinguish your ratings between those sites that you’re confident are pinging you regularly and those who you find some other way? The ranking of some sites would be inaccurate if you don’t have complete data, right?

    I don’t know the answer, but think that there is something here.

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