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Can You Earn Bitcoin With Blogging?

Can You Earn Bitcoin With Blogging?


The launch and emergence of new platforms inevitably create opportunities for new fans to create a name on their own and seal their own brand. The decentralization of digital media will be no different from all this to come.

Much has been written and commented on the ideal benefits of decentralized media, such as resistance to censorship. This has also covered benefits for consumers, such as lower costs and direct relationships with publishers.

Earn bitcoin with blogging

The main differences between how to make money from a decentralized blog and how to blog and make money the traditional way happens behind the scenes. Because of this, there really doesn’t have to be much difference in the common publisher process between creating one traditional blog and creating another using an online platform, but the process is that you can earn money with a blog from both ways.

The main differences in the superficial user experience are that it will be an application instead of a website and that it will have pages integrated with premium content thanks to the use of cryptocurrency.

Like other platforms, users will sign in through an account to create a profile, in this way they will choose their username, select feature preferences such as email notifications and upload an avatar image.

You’ll be able to follow bloggers to stay up-to-date with their latest posts and perhaps connect their social media accounts. You will also get a wallet connected to your profile where you can manage your DCT chip balance.

Free and Premium Content Publishing

One of the most powerful aspects of decentralized platforms for anyone who wants to make money from blogging is direct payment for premium content. Unlike building a standalone site on your own, using a shared platform, it means you can access an established audience, making it much easier for you to get readers.

But unlike currently available platforms, you still have the freedom to sell content directly to the consumer without intermediaries, which means you can charge your fans and followers much less for your content, but still get more for sales. This makes creating high-quality Premium content a much more realistic possibility for small independent publishers.

Affiliate system

In effect, there are already companies that offer an affiliate system and earn bitcoins for each sale you generate. Surely these companies will still be more focused on the American part because there are more movements of this currency, but we cannot ignore having this option if you live in anywhere in the globe, since once it is established with all its potential, there will be a great demand for thousands of blogs. Surely you would like to be one of the first or not, but at least you will be informed

Through shortening links

It is a system that each link you cut and someone clicks, generates a benefit. It is actually a very subtle and elegant way to earn money because you do not present advertising on your page. Simply by implementing this link in your content, when someone clicks it you will earn bitcoins, that simple.

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Advertising by click and impressions

It is an almost identical system to Google AdSense. It is about inserting ads on your website or blog and you will earn bitcoins for each click that your users generate or also through impressions.

In point of view, it is not compatible with AdSense, since you can enable ads that the platform in question does not allow. It is true that you can disable these ads, but the FAQ does not contain anything about compatibility with AdSense. Therefore, if you have inserted Adsense on your website or blog, keep an eye on it.

It also has an affiliate system and you can earn bitcoins with the referrals you get.

Reusable Content: Reuse simply means posting the same content to multiple sites. On the conventional Internet, this can be a difficult thing to do, like Google search engines punishing sites that republish similar content from elsewhere.

But on independent peer-to-peer networks, this is a minor problem. If you already have a blog, decentralized networks offer a great opportunity to make more money from the same content you already post, but even if you don’t, posting across multiple decentralized networks is likely to be a great way to build a significant audience without the pitfalls associated with re-editing content from multiple web sites.

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