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Ways How Photographers Can Get More Clients Using Their Blogs

Ways How Photographers Can Get More Clients Using Their Blogs


Photographers aimlessly trying their hand on blogging to drive more clients to their services is like attempting to take a picture of the green plains during a snowstorm.

In order to become a blogging success, regardless of your profession or field of interest, you will need to establish strong foundations on where your blog will stand on. Whether it’s determining your content strategy or building relationships with your target audience who you can later turn into customers, it is important to approach blogging like you could a scenery or your subject before taking a photo of it.

If your intention for setting up a blog is to gain more clients for your photography services used for product listing or a variety of use-cases, then you need to understand the importance of establishing yourself as a photography expertise. Once you have your target audience eating by the palm of your hand, you can

Below are tips on how you can accomplish this.

Write how-to post

Building your authority within your industry will require you to showcase it on your blog by way of writing and publishing how-to posts. Whether it’s breaking down the most popular digital cameras and gears or sharing your favorite post-production tips, both of which were written by ProBlogger owner and photography enthusiast Darren Rowse, being able to articulate your expertise will help you build trust with your target audience.

Once you have proven yourself worthy to be considered a subject matter expert through your authoritative content, you can expect more potential clients coming your way.

Post sample works and set up portfolio page


Of course, you can’t simply tell people how to do photography if you haven’t done them yourself. Showing your sample works to people will only help build your authority.

You can do roundup posts so you can put your knowledge in taking photography into practice or find photographs of other bloggers to be featured on yours. You can also use your works as an example to break down the techniques you used to achieve certain effects on your photo.

If you have previous clients before, you can create a portfolio page of your most accomplished works to entice your potential clients to book a job for you.

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Start a blog

Sell works from your blog

There are different ways on how to sell your photos online. You can approach microstock sites and sell your stuff there to generate revenue every time your photos get downloaded. You can also go with creative sites like Etsy and Red Bubble to attract buyers to your captivating photos.

Photo taken from Flickr (click here for source)

A helpful tip here is to get affordable prints from Walgreens for additional savings.

If you already have accounts on sites mentioned above or similar, you can link to your works from your blog.

The problem with this is that you share the profits of your work with the site hosting your photos. If you want to receive 100% of the profit, you can set up an eCommerce section in your blog so you can facilitate the sale and get the amount you deserved. It depends on the blogging platform that you’re using to make this possible (Weebly has a built-in eCommerce feature that you can tap into when building this section in your blog).

Final thoughts: Establishing your photography services online should be made much easier by the tips and advice featured above. Use our blog wisely to maximize your earnings potential and make a career online out of your photography skills.

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  • I would also add to this list that posting videos on Youtube and Vimeo would create more value for your blog visitors and therefore improve your chances of creating a revenue stream that you can grow. Since Google owns Youtube, any way that you can build your presence there means more exposure for your brand.

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