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Increase Online Sales from Your Blog Through Smart Offline Marketing

Increase Online Sales from Your Blog Through Smart Offline Marketing


So you’ve applied the best practices on how to make a sale of your products and services through your blog. You’ve streamlined your sales funnel to provide customers with an easy and painless shopping experience, promoted your site using social media and a bit of link building, and crafted a strong content strategy allowing you to promote your business by publishing the different content types (posts, images, videos, etc.) on your blog.

The question you’re asking yourself right now is: how can I boost my sales even further?

While the practices above should drive lots of lead and prospects – if not actual customers – to your site, these tactics only cover the ground of online marketing. You also need to cover the ground left for offline marketing to achieve even greater sales!

Offline marketing is normally viewed as expensive since it is associated with TV ads, radio adverts, and other traditional marketing campaigns. However, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars if you know how to effectively reach out to your target market.

Below are some ideas on the different offline marketing tactics that you can implement along with your things you’re doing with your blog.

Business card

This indispensible print material is the weapon of choice for people who attend trade shows and seminars for the purpose of networking an building relationships. Once handing them down to others, the business cards essentially represent you to people. Therefore, you need to choose the right card stock, typeface, design, and colors that run in parallel with your branding and personality.

Another thing to consider with business cards is the information included in them. Make sure to narrow down the details to their most important (name, contact details, website, or whichever you feel is necessary). Also, apply some copywriting skills to the text included in the card to make it stand out from the rest. Lastly, utilize both sides of the card to maximize your impact with people and encourage them to connect with you.

Direct Mail

While e-mail may appear to be a much more convenient way of sending notifications to your audience, do not discredit the potential of direct mail for your business. In fact, 51% of local store owners launch direct mail campaigns to reach out to potential clients. Therefore, sales of your store may potentially benefit with the help of creating a well-researched direct mail campaign and tracking its results which you can learn by reading up this post.

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Another factor regarding direct mail is the envelope that you will use to mail your letter. Don’t just send your mail with a plain envelope. It’s best to try and stand out by designing your envelopes with your business logo and colors. You may have to hire a envelope design expert for this to help you bring out the best in your direct mail.


This multi-folded print tool is a handy way to inform people about your business. However, the real challenge here is to get your audience to take notice of your brochures. Aside from making a well-designed brochure that features good copywriting to present your information, you will also need to strategically place them at places where your target market passes by or frequents.

If you’re not sure where your market is, placing them at places with high foot traffic is a good first step and will give you an idea on which locations your brochures respond the best. To track the performance of your brochures, include a tracking URL to your blog on each brochure.

Question: From the many other print materials and traditional ads not mentioned in this post, what are your tips and advice on how to boost your sales using these? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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