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Understanding Marketing Automation & Its Perks for Your Business

Understanding Marketing Automation & Its Perks for Your Business

Did you know that over two-thirds of companies using marketing automation realize its advantages within six months of its implementation? Moreover, 71% of companies that are using marketing automation have been happy with the results. These are huge numbers! We have to look at marketing automation from a microscopic eye to understand what it’s capable of fully.

The procedure of using software to automate marketing activities is known as marketing automation. Marketing automation tools automate activities such as email marketing, social media postings, and ad campaigns.

Marketing automation tools can simplify some of the most strenuous marketing activities by automating them through software. These tools can automate the lead qualification process, nurture prospects into clients, simplify the email marketing process, make personalized offers for prospects, etc.

Here are the elements of marketing automation:

Lead scoring

This is the process of scoring your leads based on their chances of converting into a customer. This process is important to differentiate between leads who are simply browsing your website and those who are most likely to buy.

The scoring method tracks numbers and BANT credits. Based on this, your marketing team only nurtures those leads who are most likely to convert into qualified leads. The leads that are qualified are passed to the sales team. Not only does it filter your leads better, but it also saves a lot of your sales reps’energy.

Content management

Buyers want knowledgeable content that helps them through the stages of the marketing funnel, i.e., from awareness to purchase stage. Your content should answer their challenges rather than talk about your product, and it uses.

For example, if you’re a skincare brand and deal with acne-related problems. Your lead is interested in the solution for oily skin. If at this point, your content is focused more on how to get rid of acne rather than what your product is, your leads are more likely to reach the purchase stage. And this is what marketing funnel will do for you. Using automation tools, you can shoot the right content for your clients at every stage.


Marketing automation is only possible when you segment your leads. Segments can be formed on the basis of – the mode through which they became leads, demographic data, product, willingness to buy, spending patterns, or service line.

Listing helps you nurture leads the way they should be treated, thus, building a long-lasting relationship with them. Automation techniques are different for different segments. This would help your nurture different leads in different ways as you also save your time.

Inbound capture

Inbound marketing is a new technique that targets specifically on the prospects, i.e., the audience that already has a desire for your product. Understand your prospects – what they want from your brand, who are they, what are their problems, what can be the solution to their challenges.

80% of online researches is made by people who are seeking solutions to their problems. By providing highly educational and informative content, you are engaging your prospects, getting their attention, while also building a relationship with them, and increasing your business revenue.


Triggers are personalized messages that are sent in real-time. Triggers are increasingly growing and are good for measurable ROI.

For example, triggers are used to indicate the probable time when the software should send the leads a product demo or product testimonials.

When a customer signs up for a newsletter on your website, the software gets the trigger to send them a confirmation email. When a lead has moved all the way from being a lead to becoming a sales qualified lead but hasn’t yet made a purchase, triggers are sent to the software to send content that may lure them in such as beginner’s discount coupons or free demo.

Marketing automation supplies your company with so many opportunities to step up your sales and revenue generation, while also saving your team’s resources and time. Marketers can use this time to think of creative strategies for new campaigns. There are various famous marketing automation tools you can choose from, like HubSpot.

The best marketing tools will provide you with the following benefits:

Reduces your staffing cost

Marketing automation is using software for the benefit of the company. Once you have invested your time & energy on a marketing automation campaign, the software can send thousands of personalized emails every day automatically. Regular marketing activities are performed by the marketing automation software; therefore, the need to employ more staff is reduced.

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Less repetition, more creative

This is natural that when a repetitive task is being assigned to software, your team members save more time. This free time can actually be used by your marketing crew to get some new ideas for the brand.

The employees can strategically plan new activities for the brand, which are creative and bring a high ROI to the marketers. Marketing automation saves up to 74% of a marketer’s time. Automated mails lead to timely replies, also making customer engagement increase by 68%.

Accountability of sales and marketing team

Automated tools regularly monitor hundreds of leads and their behavior towards your brand. They will also inform the sales and marketing team when a lead is not being nurtured into a sales qualified lead.

These emails give the teams a heads up on the lead conversion situation. Detailed reports help you know if the marketing activities are helping the sales funnel or not. Once you have these reports, you can devise your next strategies carefully and make sure that your marketing team works in sync with your sales team.

Efficient and effective

Efficiency is as important as effectiveness. Businesses can make maximum use of their time by using marketing automation. 63% of the companies using marketing automation are outperforming their competitors. This clearly hints that not only is marketing automation effective, but it brings efficiency also. However, you must get it right for it to not backfire. There are agencies, such as Uplers, which can help you get your marketing automation right.

Upsell and cross-sell

Upselling and cross-selling happen when you attempt to sell a higher-priced offering to an existing customer in line with increasing your revenue. With marketing automation, you can send out emails informing your leads about your products as per what they are more likely to buy, which can be easily found using a tool and reports on their likes and preferences.

We hope this has been a comprehensive guide on why marketing automation tools are a must-invest for not just a small business, but for any business!


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Sheryl Jones is the Sr. Marketing Specialist at Uplers who has a great experience in designing well-defined user journeys across the digital marketing domain. She leverages her digital marketing expertise to help businesses draw significant ROIs.

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