How to Use Interviews & Collaboration to Boost Traffic & Sales Online

The vast majority of business people, writers, marketers and other professionals online have to start from zero with whatever venture we decide to dedicate ourselves to. Most of us aren’t born into fame and as we excitedly embark online with our new products and business, we’re practically invisible and the journey to stardom or business viability seems daunting. Especially among the noise in our present digital age; we need a little help.


Imagine getting an endorsement or mention by the likes of marketer and influencer, Gary Vaynerchuk or a business catalyzer like ex Y Combinator chief, Paul Graham. Such exposure would no doubt be a strong boost to help propel your business into the view of valuable potential clients and add years of credibility to your name.

Therefore, we can conclude that marketing doesn’t really need to be a lonely game and there is great power to be leveraged through other well-seasoned practitioners in your niche or related industries. Collaborating, associating and acquiring endorsements from businesses and professionals who already have influence is one of the quickest ways to get your brand noticed.

Get to Know the Powerhouses in your Niche & Help them Shine Brighter

It’s quite flattering when someone approaches you requesting an interview because of great work you’ve done. It helps to validate your goals and business and gives you a reason to keeping pushing forward and delivering quality. This is what you can offer well-established professionals within your industry or complementary niches.

Offer a different interview experience

Identify the influencers in your niche, reach out and get to know them. First, study the interviews they’ve conducted in the past and identify areas they haven’t addressed and determine how you can pull more valuable feedback and content from them that would benefit the community at large. Focus your interview on a unique perspective that is not commonly found in the community as this will bring greater value to the interview experience and make it more than average. This will not only attract the attention of the audience but also pique the interest of your target influencers who may be tired of the “same old interview questions.” They’ll have an opportunity to present something different.

Your focus on delivering a great interview experience for the influencer increases the chances of them promoting and sharing the interview with their followers, customers and community; increasing exposure for you and your brand. That’s why you invest and spend the time to deliver a quality experience. Your influencer will respect it, be willing to work with you to do more and any endorsements will simply be more meaningful.

Delivering the interview

One of the most valuable methods of delivering the interview would be via a live platform like a webinar or podcast. Webinars are super easy to setup and through the use of a premium webinar service provider like ClickWebinar, you will facilitate the most interactive and real experience for the community to engage an influencer and get actively involved in the event through questions and answers sessions and chats. You’re giving your community a forum where it is perfectly acceptable to ask questions and speak their mind with an influencer they would not normally have access to; this is valuable and will add to your reputation as a professional in your industry and exposure you to the influencer’s audience.

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Collaborate & Share Reach & Resources

The first thing you should do as you search for opportunities to collaborate is to ensure that your goals and areas of strength are clearly defined and ingrained in your product and business philosophy. It should be easy for potential collaborators to see the value of what you have to offer and how it can help boost their own business.

Seek out other brands that complement your products or niche and develop ways to add value for their audience. As a very simple example, let’s say you sell an e-learning course, you can team up with a company that provides material to support your course content or a technology company you utilize to deliver your course. The company could use your business as a case study to highlight how well their products work and you in return extend special deals from the company to your audience or some other lucrative approach for your audience. Here you gain exposure to a market that is already in tune and trusts the company you’re with. The key here is to ensure that your products complement and add value to the collaboration and does not deliver as a mere publicity stunt. Make the experience as fluid and native as possible.

Always Provide Value

The foundation of every collaboration venture or interview should be executed on the foundation of creating content that benefits your target audience to a great extent. It’s not an opportunity to sell but is a chance to make valuable connections and relationships with people who can propel your business and point you in the customers’ direction.

Give first, gain insight; build relationships and when the time is right, there will be no challenge in selling as you yourself will be becoming an influencer.

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