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Podcast 2006.5: Aaron Brazell & WordCamp 2006, Part 2

Podcast 2006.5: Aaron Brazell & WordCamp 2006, Part 2

Podcast 2006.5: Aaron Brazell & WordCamp 2006, Part 2

Welcome to our fourth official podcast here at The Blog Herald. Our focus in today’s edition..

WordCamp 2006.

We have the second half of our interview with Aaron Brazell of b5media and Technosailor along with a brief editoral about new media…

Part I of our interview with Aaron Brazell is also available.

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And now, on with the show. Notes after the jump….

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Oh, for your 9rules folks all worried what Aaron has to say, just jump to about 15:50 in the podcast.

Show Notes:

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  • Every President commits crimes its if you want to believe them. I’m a fairly liberal moderate conservative neocrat and I’m offended by your lack of relevancy did you listen to the podcast or did you just jump up and down and make a comment that you pulled out of your ear drum?

  • What arguments am I not backing up with facts?

    In the podcast, I make the following comments of a political nature:

    • I’m a republican
    • Rove hasn’t given me my talking points yet

    I also commented that Rove has a wireless thingy implanted in me that tells me what to say. This was obviously a joke.

    I’m glad to see that your own argument style consists of phrases like “You are a fucking douche bag”. After all, that’s a pretty factual argument there, don’t ya think?


  • It dawned on me that perhaps you were meaning to discuss my comments about Jason Leopold.

    Here, I’ll make it simple.

    Is Karl Rove under indictment?


    I rest my case.


  • Oh man, lets not ruin this blog with politics, or else we’ll get all the nutjobs hanging around and giving us their “foaming-at-the-mouth” eloquent views.

  • BTW Matt and Aaron … I’ve just listened to both the podcasts. Good stuff.

    You put some spit n’ polish on the second one, eh?

    Matt: how come a 23 minute podcast is 41.5Mb in size? I’m no expert but that seems a little large.

    FYI, I’m doing a write up of the podcasts on Wednesday at The Blog Columnist. It’ll be 95% positive :-)

  • Martin,

    Thanks — I did hire a professional voiceover artist to do some intros and bumpers. I think he did a fine job. Wish I could sound like that.

    I look forward to your review.

    I think the file size is due to the compression I’m using – I need to look at that to see if I can shrink it down..


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