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$10,000 Daily via AdSense

$10,000 Daily via AdSense

Andrew Johnson, over at The Web Publishing Blog has inteviewed Markus Frind, who makes $10,000 Daily from Google’s Adsense program:

In 2003 you made a post on WebmasterWorld where you said you were making $40 a day. At what point, either before or after this, did you recognize that you could generate a livable income, and beyond, through your own websites?

I knew the day adsense came out that i would be able to make a lot of money, suddenly here was this revenue stream i could actually build a business on. My site at that point only had a few hundred visitors a day and it was only a few months old. But my growth was steady and I could plot on a graph exactly how much traffic i’€™d have in 4 or 5 months in the future. This was the same time where i started doing mass anti competitive intelligence, i blocked anyone with the alexa toolbar from signing up and anyone using comscore. I figured if i was to have any chance i would need to stay completely under the radar, if no one knows you exist then no one is going to counter you or clone it.

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What I found most interesting in this interview is that while Markus doesn’t necessarily cough up any great new secrets about using Adsense, he does talk about how to keep your competition from measuring some of the things that you’re doing by blocking Alexa and Comscore. It’s a great read.

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  • Firstly, excellent Comment box Blog Herald, it looks really neat. Yeah!

    Good story, I was having a read… I do hate negative tactics like keeping your competition away and crap, you should try on getting yourself up.. Bah!

    On the other hand, $10,000 a day.. Waaaa, I don’t get that much a month. LOL! Some guys really google AD it!

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