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2008 Bloggies open for nominations

2008 Bloggies open for nominations

The blog nomination phase for the 2008 Bloggies Awards has just opened. Now in its eighth year, visitors have until next Friday, 11th January, to nominate their favorite weblogs.

Several categories have been removed or combined. The “Best Craft Weblog” is now part of the “Best Art or Craft Weblog”, while “Best Asian Weblog” incorporates the Middle East. “Best Web Development Weblog” has gone, and presumably fits into one of the technology categories.

Interestingly, “UK and Ireland” has also lost its category — supposedly now we’re lumped in with Europe, despite the fact that Canada and the USA still have separate categories. Sure, it’s only a blog award, but I think Canadians would probably feel peeved at being merged with the USA, just as many of us Brits don’t feel a part of Europe. Oh well, never mind.

Usual rules apply for voting.

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