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4 Tech Trends You Need To Get Prepared For

4 Tech Trends You Need To Get Prepared For

tech trends 2016

Last year brought tons of innovative tech trends that changed the business of blogging, content and social marketing. From 5G connectivity to smarter smartphones, it is important to be prepared for these trends to stay on top of your game. Falling behind the crowd can mean big losses in profit and a huge drop in productivity. As 2016 flies by, it is bring plenty of new tech trends with it. Make sure you are ready and don’t get left in the virtual dust.

Touch Commerce

Mobile online checkout has become a staple of not only online commerce, but most brick-and-mortar stores offer mobile payment options. It has made buying much easier and convenient for the consumer, which means more profits for businesses utilizing touch commerce. While most businesses offer the consumer the opportunity to pay with their mobile device, the method has not seen huge numbers of usage. However, experts believe that important updates will make these transactions easier and more convenient, leading to a surge of use. According to a leading telecommunications company’s study, there will be two principal types of third-party touch-based mobile payment services in 2016. Most of these transactions will be made on mobile devices or fingerprint reading devices.

Expert also say we might even see new ways of buying being implemented. For example, customers could be able to make purchases from a business using a simple app. This app could already have pre-saved data that would make the transaction extremely quick.

Virtual reality

tech trends 2016

With the introduction of several new virtual reality gadgets, such as Samsung’s VR Oculus, this is quickly becoming a billion dollar industry. With plenty of applications in the works or already on the market, both consumer and enterprise are being kept in mind.

You might be wondering how you can fit virtual reality in with your niche. Tech experts are promising 2016 is going to be a year full of experimentation. While right now, virtual reality gadgets are seen as gaming devices, industry experts promise that are many exciting and innovative aspects coming to the market.


Telecoms can be a useful tool in marketing campaigns and routine sales leads generation for small businesses. This industry has become extremely competitive and companies make sure to stay on top of the latest innovations in the industry. As this industry makes huge strides everyday to continue their high-quality reputation, experts such as Entrepreneur Don Burns praise the importance of this industry.

According to Burns, this industry understands how to reach individual consumers based on their age and demographic. Communication is the key to to a successful business endeavor, whether it is between professionals or directly to the consumer.

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“This multi-channel approach means using a mixture of telephony, email communications, and social
media to reach as wide an audience as possible while utilizing the technology that suits them best. For example, telephone communication may be the best means of getting in touch with potential customers, who are in a middle-aged to elderly age group, as they may be less willing than younger generations to engage with companies on social media,” explains Burns. “Conversely, social media platforms will most likely be the best means of engaging with teenagers and young professionals, who form the majority of users on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.”


tech trends 2016

For those that follow tech innovations closely, you have probably heard of graphene materials. For those that don’t know, this innovative material is pretty interesting. Gigaom defines graphene as a material “made of a single layer of carbon atoms that are bonded together in a repeating pattern of hexagons. Graphene is one million times thinner than paper; so thin that it is actually considered two dimensional.” Being called the next silicon, this material could take several years to completely master, but there are several innovations being made. Industry experts claim that this material could mean faster Internet speeds and an extended life of computers and other devices. Sounds pretty promising.

Whether you own a business, big or small, operate a blog or have a need for content and marketing, it is important to stay alert to the tech trends of 2016. Being in the know could be the difference between success and failure. Make sure to stay connected to Blog Herald for the latest in tech news.

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  • Over the period of time, tech world has achieved a lot in terms of customer retention and enhancement in sales to generate more revenues… The most important thing is that the competition among the tech giants has been increased which must help customers to get perfect product which will help them to get desired output for longer duration.

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