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8 in 10 Americans know what a blog is, half visit regularly, but without committing

8 in 10 Americans know what a blog is, half visit regularly, but without committing

Marketing Daily has conducted a study on the blogging knowledge and habits of Americans, and found that 80% of them know what a blog is, with half reading them on a regular basis.

Though the demographics of the 1,000 Americans questioned isn’t obvious, it’s encouraging that a relatively new medium is now so well-known.

Around 60% of blog-reading men, and 50% of women, surf a wide variety of blogs rather than sticking to the same few sites, though it’s not clear how many blogs that constitutes.

Half of all readers say they visit blogs to be entertained, with most of them doing so in addition to existing forms of entertainment. Where blogging has replaced something else, it’s TV, newspapers, and magazines which have lost out.

When it comes to advertising, 43% of those who have visited a blog said they’d noticed ads, and 30% said they’d clicked on ads. Amongst the youngest age group (18-24), 61% had noticed ads on blogs.

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8% of Americans claim to have their own blog, with 14% of men and 20% of women blogging.

(Via Marketing Daily)

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  • Oh geeze, make sure no one asks that miss america girl why so many americans read blogs:

    “They read blogs because um like yeah so um Africa education yeah like New Orleans levee, and so um yeah and cool like China town yeah so.”

  • It’s important to note that this survey was conducted ONLINE. That would make a big difference in the validity of the survey.

    Maybe the headline should read “80% of the 1000 people willing to taken an online survey (and enter their correct age) know what a blog is”.

  • I admit that there are lots of blogs out there, but many blogs left without any update. Dead blogs are everywhere, which reminds me of wasted space in our universe. Ugh… here I go insane on yall! Anyway, blog definitely has a greater role than before, and the politicians are wearied about the bloggers.

  • Interesting stats, Andy.

    You know, most of the Blogger blogs I visit are authored by women. I wonder if there are any stats for the percentage of male vs female bloggers using that platform.

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