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Aaron Wall to fight Traffic Power in blog comment legal stoush

Aaron Wall to fight Traffic Power in blog comment legal stoush

Aaron Wall of blog SEOBook has announced that he has decided to defend his site against the ridiculous law suit bought against him by Traffic Power in relation to comments left on his blog by readers expressing negative opinions in relation to Traffic Power, as reported here on August 27.

As the cost of legal representation in the United States is not a cheap proposition, Aaron is asking for donations to assist him in a case that could well be the first serious threat to free speech and comment on blogs.

As Aaron writes:

“This suit is not about Traffic Power. This suit is not about this blog. This suit is more about free speech, which is the very fabric that holds the web and democracy together. An issue far more important than I could ever pretend to be…If I do not face this suit, then it is easier for the next person to get trampled.

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Donation button is available here (and yes, I’ve made a smaller donation).

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    Donate to Aaron Wall’s legal fund? You must be kidding. Why so a spoiled little brat can rant and rage against things he doesn’t like. This is a sad and pathetic joke, in case it has escaped your attention there are people in New Orleans who are DYING, and could really use donations. Anyone who sent Aaron Wall any money should be ashamed of
    themselves, to support this and turn your back on people who are in real need is disgusting. Aarons right to bash a bunch of spammers, is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, If the Blogging Community want to rally behind something, raise money to help the people of New


  • Hi Duncan
    thanks for the donation and the posts :)

    how many blogs did you make that same (or very similar) posts on French Quarter?

    so far I count at least 5: Blog Herald, SEO Book, The Intuitive Life Business Blog, SE Roundtable, & Abakus SEO Blog. You also made a moderated Aaron Wall hate group on Google Groups.

    Someone posted this to my blog
    “I bet three voodoo dolls French Quarter post guy is from Traffic Power”
    and I would not bet against them.

  • I almost have to agree with French Quarter, but Im big enough to see the importance of both.

    Im very interested in your situation Arron and after some research, if I find that your cause is truly as important as I think it could be, I will make a small contribution…

  • This must be stood up to because as you wrote he said, it IS about our free speech amendment and commentary on other peoples blogs is under this heading and should not be construed as slanderous otherwise 50% of all the bloggers out there should also be thrown into this boiling kettle.
    Take Care,

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